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   Chapter 25 The vicious Lady

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7082

Updated: 2019-07-16 21:33

The lady was making a mess out of it she was not even bothered to respond to Yun and the staffs came running there to make the situation under control. But the lady demanded to see the manager and she was not at all ready to forgive Yun. Everybody started to stare them annoyingly for ruining their evening. Yun found everyone staring at her with an irritated face since the lady was a billionaire everyone including the staffs supported her.

Yun knew that the situation is going to get worse and she wanted Zhen to come and help her but why would he come to her and help her? He must be waiting for her in the open garden space attached to the hotel. Before entering the restaurant she asked the receptionist about the reservation in the name of Zhen and the receptionist who was about to leave the hotel after finishing her shift, instructed Yun to go to the garden. She told her that it was a special venue and only the VVIP customers got the chance to dine there. The receptionist wished her luck and left to her home.

Yun followed the direction given by her and she was only two rooms far from the garden but she bumped on the lady. The lady has just lost her coolness when she realised that it was Yun who bumped on her! Yun could not understand the real reason behind her grudge. She was just perfectly fine. Neither her dress nor her make up got ruined and Yun was scanning the lady from top to toe for finding any damage. But she could not find out any slight damage in her. Yet the lady was irritating everyone present there.

Yun knew that it is going to be a super issue and She had begun to panic seeing the serious face around her. She had averted her eyes from the lady and began to look for Zhen in the garden. she could see the glimpse of the beautiful garden and she could not find him. Yun never thought that she was going to face such an embarrassment. She wanted to run away from there until her legs hurt but she remembered her granny's advice. One should face the adversities of life on their own. Maybe this problem would be a self-evaluation of her own courage. Yun came out of her trance whe

s face and she moved before her.

" I am really sorry please forgive me!."

" I don't need your apologies you filthy dog. I could not believe why did they let the street dog in? Oh my God, I don't want to get infected with any disease by sharing the same space with this nasty street dog!."

" What the??? Are you insane? It was my mistake to bump on you but just look at you how could you compare a human being with the street dog. I pity myself for apologising you!!! You are a disgusting spoiled rich lady who didn't have the decency to respect others? If you are not worthy enough to make the payment for the garden spot, why can't you try some other tricks on the staffs here? I am not going to pay a single penny for your rude attitude!."

" You bitch!!! How dare you talk back to me? Dibtbyou know who am I?"

" hold your tongue! I am not your servant! This is not your home and behave yourself! Don't ruin the evening of others for satisfying your filthy demands. I hope you belong to a good family but don't they teach you any manners? Or are you deliberately creating the scene to attract everyone towards you? Or are you desperate to show them your diamond necklace? I really pity you!."

" you filthy cunt. I am not going to spare you!.you are going to taste the vengeance of Li family!."

The lady lifted her hand up to hit Yun on her face but her hand was grabbed by someone suddenly.

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