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   Chapter 24 Why did you hate me

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7799

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Zhen finished the meeting and he asked Damien that he wanted to meet Yun personal. Damien was shocked at first but he knew that a beauty like her could easily get the attraction of anyone. So he called Yun and asked her to meet Zhen. Yun knew that Zhen wanted to irritate her more but she could not ignore him since he is going to be her boss. Yun waited for him in the hall and she found everyone leaving the hall after the meeting. It was only two of them sitting there looking at each other.

Zhen got up from his chair and he closed the door by locking it from inside since he didn't want anyone to disturb them. she began to panic seeing him walking towards her and she too got up from her chair.

" why do you hate me so much?"

His question was an unexpected one and she stared him like a ghost.

" I am talking to you! Why do you hate me so much?"

" I., I didn't! I mean what are you saying?."

" yes, you did. Why did you leave that disgusting note with your ring?. Why did you leave the room without letting me know?."

" Are you kidding me? It was you who wrote the first letter describing the service I have given to you and you wanted to give me your token of gratitude for giving you a wonderful service! Do you remember anything? Do you remember the cheque you left with that note? You were actually paying me calling me a slut indirectly."

" what I didn't leave the note and cheque! It must be someone else!"

" Do you mean I have slept with another man too'"

" No no it was a mistake! I didn't write the letter and I have no idea about the cheque!"

" But it was your room and my name was clearly written on the cheque. I have not seen any other one in that room besides us so it was obvious that you wrote the letter and cheque. But why are you lying to me?"

" what the fuck? I have told you that I didn't do that and I have no idea about it!."

" whatever!! It was our past!! The biggest mistake of my life and I am really sorry. I have taken the dress from your closet and I knew that you bought it for your loved one. But I have no other go since my dress was torn apart and I really need a dress to go out."

" hmmm! "

" Shall I leave now? It was getting late and I think we should go back to our team."

" hmmm!."

Yun bid bye to him and she began to open the door but Zhen call

or us two and she is waiting for me!."

" ok bye, Yun!."

" Bye, sir!"

Damien was relieved to hear that Yun was going to meet her girlfriend. He looked her back until she got inside the hotel and he was amused to see that she has got such a billionaire friend who is capable to reserve a spot in Queen's bay. He knew that she is hard to get but she is a seductress and he decided to make her his by hook or crook.

Yun got inside the hotel and it was the first time she is exploring such a magnificent piece of art and elegance. She was literally enjoying the beauty of the interior and she was completely lost in its beauty that She didn't see the lady before her and she just bumped on her.

" I am really sorry madam! I didn't see you, please forgive me!."

Yun apologised for the lady for bumping on her but the lady was burning with anger. She starred her furiously and she realised that Yun was a commoner and only top billionaires are welcomed in the posh restaurant like Queen's.

Yun knew that she has committed another mistake by bumping on her. The lady was a billionaire since she was wearing the latest designer dress exclusively brought from Paris and her diamond necklace would cost around billions. Her transparent high heel shoes and her costly perfume could reveal that she is a billionaire from top to toe. Yun didn't want to angry her so she bowed before her and apologised her again.

" I am sorry please forgive me!."

But the lady was not going to forgive her so easily. She called the manager for kicking Yun out.

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