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   Chapter 23 The third meeting

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7322

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Yun could not believe her eyes. Her heart rate paced up as if she was running a marathon. Her whole body became so cold that she could see her fingers trembling. She wanted to run from there but she couldn't lift her legs as if she was tied up in the place. Her throat became dry and her eyes were filled with tears. She could hear her heart beats since the office was in pin drop silence. She was staring at his eyes, his eyes were darkened and she could see the cold aura around his head.

Zhen was expecting an answer from her and when he saw her staring at him bitting her lips, he could not control his urge to kiss them and suck them until she screamed his name to stop and he felt the hardening inside his pants. Neither of the girls he had met so far was able to make him have an in intense desire for them. He was so confused and disturbed that he could not discriminate the feeling he is having for her!."

" I don't think that you are deaf?."

Yun heard him and she tilted her head to indicate him that she wasn't deaf and she can very well hear him.

" good! And I knew that you are not dumb too since you were screaming and mourning loudly in that night when I was inside of you!."

She did never expect that he was going to say something like that to her. Her whole body became pale and she parted her lips to gasp heavily. She knew that it was her fault to force someone to sleep with her, but she never wanted him to fuck her wildly. It was a one night stand and she was trying to forget the night but this man has come before her accidentally to make her remember the night they had spent together!. She was really ashamed and embarrassed. she tried to take off her eyes from him but he moved further closer to her and lifted her chin towards him.

" I have asked you something?. Are you in love with Damien? Did he know that we two had sex on that night?."

Yun wanted to hit his head with something hard so that he will keep his mouth shut for a while and she can escape from there. But she knew that he can chase her down and he is not going to spare her so she gathered her whole courage and strength to answer him.

" I hope that was none of your business sir

idn't like the way she has described Damien.

Zhen came back to his seat and Damien also got inside the cabin after finishing the call.

" I am sorry sir, it was an urgent call!"

" hmmm!!"

" Sir can we start the meeting because everyone is already waiting for us in the hall.!"

" ok come let's go."

They went to attend the meeting and Zhen was looking for Yun and he found her in the corner of the hall.

Yun saw him looking at her and she had averted her eyes since she didn't want him to know that she was looking at him. But she heard her colleagues chatting with each other.

" Hey, Luna don't you think that our new CEO is too handsome?."

"yeah and he is rich too and I hope we will get a chance to spend time with him!."

" of course! You will get the chance, after all, you are the HR head!."

" yeah and I really wanted to be with him, oh my God he is too handsome!."

Yun began to look at him again and Zhen was addressing them from the stage and it was the first time she is looking at him as a teenager. He was a handsome man with strong muscles, broad shoulders and a six-pack body. The Armani suit he wore has added his manliness to the fullest and every girl in the hall just wanted to have him and the thought of every girl fighting for him brought a smile on her lips. Zhen found her smiling at him and it brought a sudden relief to his aching heart. He saw her dimples and she looked more gorgeous when she smiled.

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