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   Chapter 22 The arrogant CEO

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7153

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Yun knocked the door and got inside the cabin of Damien.

" Sir you asked me to come?."

" Yes. I just wanted to see you since my interview panel has so much impressed on you that they were just praising you too much before me and I wanted to see the girl for myself!."

" Thank you, sir!."

Damien was talking to Yun without looking at her face. Since Zhen was going to visit his company he should make sure that everything is perfect, he knew that Zhen is a ruthless man who will get anything within seconds. If he found any discrepancies in the reports he will He wanted to submit the final reports to Zhen and he was checking the reports to rectify the corrections. When he has finished the last page he saved the report and closed his laptop to see the girl for himself.

Damien's heart skipped a beat to see such a an alluring girl before her. He too heard the rumours in their company that the panel had selected Yun because of her beauty but He never gave any attention to the gossipers. Now he was seeing her for the first time and he could not take his eyes off her. Her innocent and beautiful face with white and smooth porcelain skin, black and long curly hair, hazel brown eyes with long eyelashes, pointed nose and rosy lips, long slender legs with perfect hourglass body shape made him speechless and he stared her for a while. Yun was embarrassed to see her boss staring at her without even blinking his eyes.

" Excuse me sir! You were saying something to me!."

" yeah yeah I was lost in my thought. You must heard that new CEO is going to visit us today and I was so lost in my works!. "

" yeah Violet told me!."

" yeah!well I called you to get me the whole files of 2018 and the files are on the shelf!."

" ok sir!."

Yun left the cabin to get the respective files for him. Damien looked at her hip movement lustfully. It was the first time he is having a crush in girl and He was also a handsome man with a perfectly hot body, and girls tried hard to get a glance of him. But he was not interested in anyone. He bought a new company in abroad and he is going to settle there. He didn't want to sell t

h teary eyes. she was biting her lips to shut the screams threatening to come out. Seeing Yu in such an agony melted his heart and hr asked them to sit down before him, Both of them seated before him without saying anything.

" Can you manage to stop the rumours that were going to spread among the employees about you!."

" Sir, I am sorry but I am ready to take the responsibility for her!. I will marry her!."

" what?."

Yun was shocked to hear her boss and she wanted to deny him but her throat became so dry that nothing came out.

" I think the girl doesn't want to go for that option, Am I right madam?"

Yun didn't say anything and she lowered her head further she wished to dig a hole in the floor and hide inside it.

Zhen was frustrated to see Yun looking at the floor without bothering to see him. Meanwhile, Damien got a call from his home and he excused them and got outside to attend the call. Zhen got the perfect time to be with her a love so he stood up and moved closer to her, " Are you in love with him?."

Yun knew that Damien left her alone in that room and she also wanted to run with him but she stayed there expecting her new CEO 's punishments. She was shocked to hear her boss and she realised that he was standing beside her very closely.!!

" I am asking to you, look at me now!"

Yun reluctantly lifted her head up to face him and she was shocked to see the man before her.

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