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   Chapter 21 Who Wrote the Letter to Yun

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 6673

Updated: 2019-07-12 20:36

Delcon enterprise is one of the finest companies in the world and Zhen always wanted to make it as his and when he heard about the recent crash in its stock he made a strategic plan to get the hold of the company and he had finally bought all of its shares. Since whole the shares belonged to him he could do anything with the company and anything with the employees.

Zhen wanted to meet Yun and he would like to utilize the golden opportunity to see he decided to reschedule his meeting with the Damien, the CEO of Delcon. He called his PA to tell Damien about rescheduling the meeting. She took the phone on the first ring.

" Yes, Sir! Did you want me to send gifts to the lady who was with you at the paradise hotel?."

" What??? I mean that was a rough guess Mili!! I just want you to reschedule my meeting with Damien to tomorrow, check his availability and let me know!."

" ok, sir!."

Zhen hung up the call and went to his bed.

Mili couldn't believe her boss he called her in the late night, in order to reschedule the meeting with Damien.!

" was he alright? I mean it was the first time he is calling me in the late night and asking me to do an official matter rather than his own personal stuff! What the hell has happened to him?. "

He used to smile in his cabin thinking about something and she found it was strange, because once he got inside his office he would work like a robot and never waste any seconds for unnecessary things, but after spending the night with that unknown girl at the paradise hotel, he has changed incredibly and she was annoyed to see him falling for someone else. She has a crush on her boss and It was the biggest secret of her life. she was damn sure that Zhen was also having the same feelings for her. Because he attended every single and luxurious meeting with her. He used to keep his hand behind the small of her back in order to protect her when they would get surrounded by the media and she loved the way he touched her. Sh

g and he is going to visit us today Yun!."

" Ok, but why did everyone fear him? I mean He will have a meeting with the managers of the respective department, not with each of us right?."

" well he is actually going to address us all and you are so lucky Yun, being the fresher you don't need to remember anything related to your work. But we are terribly worried about the details we are going to produce before him."

" Hey, it's ok dear. He can't fire us for little mistakes right?."

" well he can Yun, he is ruthless and arrogant. He is an emotionless man and he will force his employees to work day and night even though he paid them a good salary. He didn't like mistakes and he won't give you a second chance for corrections. He never allowed anyone to defy him or disrespect him. People feared him including the press and the media. He owned 6 companies in China and 2 abroad. He is only 28 and he is the most elegant and richest bachelor in the world. He is hot and handsome. You could say he is the deadliest combination of power and wealth!."

" hmmm sounds like I heard the same about someone else!. Ok, Violet bye for now and all the best dear!."

" thank you and same to you too Yun!."

Yun came back to her cabin and started to do her works. She got the call from Damien and she got inside the cabin.

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