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   Chapter 20 Returning the Favour

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 6062

Updated: 2019-07-12 04:21

Sam was the most obedient and trustworthy employe of Zhen and he promoted Sam as his PA. Sam knew about the promise of Zhen and he also knew that his boss has no interest in Jessica and he never had sex with her. But Jessica was a mean and selfish girl. She wanted to be his girlfriend in order to show everyone that she was Superior to everyone. Stephen told her about Zhen's promise and he also asked her to make him love her using the golden opportunity. She was so happy and since she wanted to look more sexy and gorgeous she has done two more plastic surgeries from London. But Zhen never cared to look her or praise her for her beauty. She was burning with anger when she found him having sex with other girls and not even bothered to see her. So she began to act immature and used to follow him everywhere like his shadow. Zhen lost his appetite for sex and he started to deny other girls. Whenever he tried to argue with her she would start to act as hurt and he will just drop the argument for sake of her. His life has nothing interesting left and he was bored. He needed a break from everything and he went to New York to meet his friend Roxy who was his classmate. Roxy was actually working for him since he had bought a company there. But there was some problem with the shareholders and one if them was so stubborn that he was not ready to give away his shares to Zhen, even after offering him double the amount. So he told his men to dig out his past and he was shocked to know that the man was supported by On Xi. So he asked Roxy to finish off the deal and Roxy got the shares and all the papers signed when he mentioned the man DD's name. When the man who wasn't ready to give away his shares heard the name of DD, he signed the contract and he asked Roxy to pay him only the current market value of

Li's parents never liked her for being poor and Ping Zhao has told some indecent comments on her so they never wanted her to his wife. When she got the scholarship from Columbia university her uncle never let her go but her granny forced him to send her abroad. Even after joining there she never fell in love with any other men since she loved Xi!."

" ENOUGH SAM!!!!."

Zhen broke the glass on the floor and Sam could see his eyes turning in to dark.Sam knew that his boss was angry but he was doing his duty only. Sam was about to get up from his seat but Zhen motioned him to sit and asked him to continue.!

" she has graduated from the university and she has enrolled her name for PG but her uncle ordered her to come back and she obeyed him. It was actually trap he told her that she should come home immediately since it was about the survival of their company and she agreed to him. But when she returned she witnessed the marriage of her sister Feng with Xi Li and she was heartbroken. Cheng Zhao trapped her with On Xi in a hotel room and the rest you knew sir!."


" one more thing sir! She has recently joined in Delcon Enterprise and she has also shifted to a new apartment."

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