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   Chapter 19 The Shocking News

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 6708

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Yun woke up early in the morning she did her usual exercise and took a quick bath. She cooked her breakfast and cleaned her kitchen. Yun always kept her surrounding nest and fresh. She chose a light yellow chiffon top and a navy blue pencil skirt which reached till her knees. She applied light makeup and tied her hair in a neat ponytail. She left her home after locking it properly. She took the bus and got outside the station which was near to her office. She has reached the office 30 minutes before the interview. Delcon enterprise was one of the top companies in China. The CEO of the company has recently stepped down his position and the new CEO took over the charge who is actually one of his investors. he had bought the company's whole share in his name and the director board has made him as the new CEO, But to complete the formalities he had given the company 3 months time. He assured them that none of the employees will get expelled from the company because of the change in the management. The former CEO needed an efficient PA since his job has doubled because of the take over process. His former PA resigned from her post due to her health issues and the former CEO has asked his HR to search for an efficient one.

Yun got inside the building and it was a huge one designed with a black and white theme. She liked the interior of the building. She found the receptionist and she was talking to someone over the phone so she waited for her and when she dropped the call  she asked her in a soft voice

" excuse me? I am here to attend an interview! Could you please guide me to the place?."

" of course! You should take the elevator and go to the 35th floor. You can see a hall there and the candidates for the interview are waiting there!".

"thank you so much!."

" you are welcome!."

Yun got inside the elevator and reached the floor. She got inside the hall and she found numerous candidates. She seated beside a girl and started to browse her phone. The interview began o

nds used to bring their mother in school, she cried alone for not having a mother. But all these years that bastard had kept her mother away from her. He is cruel and greedy. How could he separate a daughter from her mother? If he wanted the money I will give all my savings and wealth to him so that he can release my granny to me!. I really missed her! I just wanted her to be happy and safe!."

Yun read the diary and she was damn sure that Cheng Zhao had tricked her very well. He is a dangerous man with the deadliest mind. She didn't have power or money to file a case against him since his son in laws relatives are in the police department. Even if she tried to register the missing case of her granny against him, he could easily get over it using the power and wealth he had. Yun knew that she was helpless but she decided to find a way to track her mother's details.

Yun laid down on her bed with her favourite book PS I love you in her hand, But she got a call and she answered it. It was from the Delcon enterprise and they told her that she g0tbthe job and she should start the job from tomorrow onwards. Yun was happy because the salary of the job was pretty much good and she really wanted to save them for getting her granny back. But before releasing her granny from his custody she needed to know about her mother.

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