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   Chapter 18 Meeting On Xi

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 6971

Updated: 2019-07-09 17:14

Xi was actually looking for that girl in New York who had insulted him before everyone, but when Sam told him that On Xi had arrived in China. he just left to China assigning the charge to Roxy for searching her. . He wanted to meet Yun at any cost and torture her until she begged him for his mercy. But when he was informed that Yun was the fiancee of On Xi, he lost his patience and asked his men to get her to him. His men informed him that On Xi had booked the suite room in Paradise hotel since they had changed their marriage venue, Zhen also booked a room in the hotel exactly opposite to On Xi's.

His men brought Yun to his room as per his order and he was eagerly waiting for the chance to punish her for crossing his paths and slapping him. But when he found her in a simple pink gown inside his bathtub he became speechless. She was all wet from top to toe and he could see the beautiful curvy figure of her through her wet dress. She was a real angel and he could not take off his eyes from her.

She had tried to get up from the tub after seeing him but she could not get up since her legs were wobbling.

She was heavily drunk and she could not keep her legs straight hence she slipped whenever she tried to get up. It was fun to watch her struggles of getting up and falling down, Zhen finally went to help her and took her in his arms, in bridal style. He expected her to react wildly but to his surprise, she hugged him and started to trail down wet kisses through his chest. He was really turned on by her. but when he threw her on his bed he found that something was not just right about her. Even though she was heavily drunk, alcohol won't be sufficient enough to arouse the sexual feelings of her. He knew that On Xi had spiked her drunk with some drugs because of which she was literally begging him to have sex with her.

She was not the real Yun, she had slapped him for forcefully kissing her and he was damn sure that She would not let him touch her if she was not drugged by that bastard.Zhen was really confused to see her begging him, he really wanted

e nothing but a slut and I was falling for you bitch!"

Zhen could not control his anger he began to throw away everything on the room. Sam heard the breaking sounds of glass and he went running inside the room. He saw his boss throwing away everything he found before him. Sam was confused and he stood there watching him walking through the room restlessly.

Zhen took the duvet and threw it on the floor but he found the blood stains on the bed and stood there for a while watching it. He began to smile at the bed, he was damn sure that it was her first time and she was trying to show him that she was least affected by him and it was not her first time.He knew that she was a stubborn girl who was not ready to surrender before him. He wanted to break her pride and careless attitude. He needed time to know her. He knew that he had a feeling for her but he didn't want to propose her. Zhen feared that if she was ready to accept him as her husband because of his wealth and power rather than his true love for her.

Even though he was a rich and powerful man in China he wanted to marry a simple and a kind girl who will love him till her last breath. Zhen was not sure about her intention and he wanted to know more about her. He was very close to his family and his wife should be caring and loving just like his mother. So zhen decided to wait for a while to know her more.

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