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   Chapter 17 Getting Away from her Ex

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 6870

Updated: 2019-07-08 23:35

" what?. Are you telling me to get lost!."

" just leave!. You are insane Xi!. Leave.!"

" ho my god! Do you really want me to leave? Don't you remember our school days! You were the one who forced me to fall in love with you!. If you were not in love with me, then why did you force me to stay with you through your tough times!. I had invested my whole time on you and you had never let me touch you! I thought you were saving it to our marriage. But look at you! You just slept with a man and I just felt disgusted for falling in love with you!. but it's fine, life will have some ups as downs!.! So you really don't want to ruin your sister's life! Fine, then I won't force you to ruin Feng's life by marrying me!, But I will give you a perfect position suitable for your character also!, you can be my mistress, my bed warmer and I will pay you in millions!. But you won't be allowed to touch any other man without my permission. You will be mine and believe me, I won't disappoint you, I will give you the real pleasure and you don't need any other man to satisfy your desire rather than me!."

" Do you want me to call the security to kick you out of my house?."

" you bitch!!! How dare you threaten me?"

Xi rushed to her and he caged her between him and the wall. Yun struggled hard to get away from him. But he forced himself on her. He began to touch her whole body and he even managed to press her bum. Yun never expected the sudden move of him so she was obviously not prepared to block him. But she composed herself and focused herself to kick his groin with all her power. It worked perfectly because Xi knelt down holding his abdomen since He could not bear the immense pain. He began to choke hard and asked Yun to help him. Yun pressed the number which was situated in the security's room. Two securities came there running and they took Xi away from them.

" Listen to me, you whore, I will get back to you soon! Mark my words!.and I will make you mine!."

Securities pulled him out of her house. He couldn't get up because of

killer! Don't touch her before me. She belonged to me!."

When Zhen heard him saying such filthy things about Yun, his blood began to boil making him fuming with anger. Zhen could not hold his anger anymore so he just ran to him. On Xi didn't expect the sudden move from him. Zhen started to beat him until his knuckles covered in On Xi's blood. Sam came there running and he took his boss away from him in order to keep him cool!."

Zhen got inside his car and he was waiting eagerly to meet her. Zhen knew that On Xi is going to visit China for a short while so that he had arranged some of his men to spy on him. It was in the afternoon he got some pics of On Xi with a girl from the garden of a house. It was clear that On Xi was forcing him on her and the girl was uncomfortable with his inappropriate touches. Zhen started to zoom in the picture of the girl and he found none other than Yun who had slapped him back in New York. His whole body became stiff to see her with him. His men told him that On Xi was going to get married to the girl and their marriage agreement was almost finalised. Zhen asked his men to follow them and kidnap them without letting others know about it. His men followed his directions and they were able to captivate On Xi and the girl, the girl was taken inside his room as per his command and On Xi was kept in the shelter home.

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