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   Chapter 16 Meeting Her Ex

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7358

Updated: 2019-07-08 18:29

Feng had started shedding the crocodile tears and Xi consoled her. He pulled her towards his chest. He was shocked to see his wife's attitude towards Yun! He thought Feng was a simple and naive one but he was wrong about her. the way she furiously scolded her elder sister showed the real Feng. She was using such an abusive language even the sales girl was starting at her annoyingly. He held her tightly in order to avoid the conflict between the sisters. Feng was smiling evilly at Yun, she wanted to show her that Xi was in madly love with her and he will do anything for her. Yun ignored her and she just left the place without looking at them. It brought a slight pain in his heart.

He wanted to follow her and hug her till she forgives him for hurting her, and leaving her alone in such a tough situation. He knew that his whole body is actually carving for her. He could not forget her, she was always there and it was his stupidity to fall in the traps of Cheng Zhao and leave Yun forever. He had tried hard to forget her but whenever she came before him, he will go crazy for her. He could not think about any other man touching her or kissing her. She belonged to him and when he saw the hickeys on her body he could not control his anger and he clenched his hands into a fist and gritted his teeth to control his anger. Yun is unique and innocent and he loved to be with her. But things have changed drastically, he got married to her sister and even though Feng is beautiful her charm never made him go crazy for her. He wanted to erase every single thing that forced him to leave her and he wished to start a new life with her so he decided something in his mind and left the shop with Feng.

Xi knew that it was Feng's plan to follow Yun and insult her before everyone. He just wanted to confirm it so he asked her.

" Feng you told me that you wanted to buy some fruits for my mother but you didn't buy anything!."

She never thought that he is going to ask her the question and her face became pale but she tried to hide it from him.

" Oh, Xi! The fruits are not good and my sister has just spoiled my mood too!shall we go to some other shops?."

" hmmm!. I think we should ha

r like Cheng Zhao! I was so happy to see you but you just used the chance to infuriate me! You had insulted me with Feng and do you have any idea how much it hurts? But things have changed now. I don't love you anymore and you are my brother-in-law and I have forgiven you!"

Xi could not covert his weeping heart away from Yun so he got up from the couch and moved towards Yun. He knelt down before her and held her hands in his arms.

" Please! I am sorry for being such stupid and I know that I have hurt you, but let's forget it, Yun. You know me very well and you should have known that I am in madly love with you. And I couldn't think about any other girl in my life! It was you! It was always you! I need you back Yun! Can you give me a second chance? I will tell Feng to give me a divorce, I can offer her money for giving me lifelong freedom! But I don't want to miss you!."

Yun removed her hands from him and she just moved away from him. She could not understand him, he used to be a well-mannered man but now he changed to a stupid man!.

" Have you gone mad Xi? I mean this is insane, I can't cheat my sister.!"

" But why can't you cheat her?."

" Because I am not you and I don't love you anymore! You were my past!."

" What? Ho, you are in love with your new boyfriend and you could not forget the pleasure he had given to you right? Do you know something I can give satisfy you more than him! Let's do it here!"

" GET LOST!!!!!!!."

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