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   Chapter 15 Moving into New House

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7006

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Yun was very thankful to the maid because the maid had already packed her all luggage and stuff inside the bag and all of them were neatly placed on the porch. Yun called Daisy to pick her and She asked her that she wanted to shift to the new apartment. Daisy reached there after half an hour and she found Yun waiting in the porch with her bags.

" Hey Yun! Long time no see man!"

" Yeah, by the way, you look hot Daisy!"

" thank you, Yun, and look at you! You have become more gorgeous!"

" yeah! Don't flatter me!. come let's leave! I have already packed my stuff! I am sorry for ruining your day, I have no other one to ask for help!"

" Hey, it's not a problem! Get inside! Do you want to stay in my home! Actually, you don't need to get an apartment! I have already told you to stay with me at least for some days!."

" it's ok Daisy, I am going to bring my granny with me. So I just need a new house that's it!"

" hmmm, I can understand! Do you want to go directly there?"

" Yup!! !"

" ok let's go! Let me call my cousin to get the keys and complete the remaining formalities!. I have applied for some jobs for you as you told! Have you heard about the Delcon Enterprises?"

" Yeah!"

" they have a vacancy for PA and I have applied it for you! The interview is on tomorrow and I hope you don't mind going there!"

" Hey what are you saying? Thank you so much, Daisy! I need a job at any cost and to get the best one is too much for me! Thank you so much dear!"

" it's ok Yun! I think we have reached your new home! Since my relative is the owner of this house the documentation went smoothly!"

" yeah, Daisy and the rent was also a reasonable one!"

They git inside the home with Daisy. Daisy helped her to bring the luggage inside the home. She unpacked her things and started to arrange them neatly in her new house.

" so how is New York? Did you find any nice guy there? I mean a typical foreigner as your boyfriend? I just love them, man they are very hot and sexy! You are so lucky to get a chance to mingle with them!".

" Hey just shut up Daisy

ow many times do I have to tell you that I am not married to that filthy man! He is not my husband and I am not married to anyone!."

Feng's face suddenly turned pale. Her father told her that Yun got married to On Xi, and he will throw her out of his life once he became bored with her!. But she had managed to escape from him. Feng became speechless and she saw Xi looking at Yun with a guilty face!

She wanted to insult Yun before everyone and she wanted Xi to feel ashamed and disgusted for loving someone like Yun.

" But what about those hickeys? Did you guys sleep together without getting married to each other! That was sin, Yun! How could you that? How could you embarrass our family before everyone! I feel ashamed to be called your sister! You are so disgusting Yun!"

" ho God!! look who is speaking about sins and embarrassments! Even if I slept with a man it won't bring the shame to our family as you did! Don't make me spit out your dirty secrets!"

" You bitch! How dare you?"

It was obvious that Yun's response made her ferocious and she raised her hand to hit Yun, but Xi caught her hand!

" don't you dare to hit her Feng!"

" Oh, Xi! She is saying such hurtful words! It hurts me, Xi! I was just trying to make her realise the truth but she just made me realised that I am no one to her!. Oh, Xi, it hurts it really hurts to get crucified by your own sis!."

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