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   Chapter 14 Getting into the fight

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 6559

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Feng removed her hands from Yun and she just ran to her Mom to complaint Yun and she was crying dramatically to get the attention from her Mom. She wanted Xi to be there but unfortunately, he had already left to his home. Yun didn't want to see the melodrama of her sister and her aunt so she went upstairs and got inside her uncle's room.

Her uncle was reading the newspaper and when he saw Yun coming to him, he was happy to see his niece for the first time in his life!.

" Where is your husband On Xi? I have called him numerous times but he was not picking up the calls? Is he alright? Did you tell him anything bad about us?".

" I am not married to anyone and I have no idea where the hell has he gone? Why do you ask me about him? It was you who locked me inside the room with him and forced me to sign the marriage contract. But that crazy man didn't sign the papers and he should have told you about it! On Xi is not my husband and he is not my concern. And I came here to know about my granny! Where is she? Where the hell did  you keep her?."

" what? Have you gone mad? Why didn't he marry you? The agreement clearly states that I would get the money only when you got married to him. Did you play your dirty tricks on him? Did you sleep with him? Was he happy to get you finally on his bed?."

" yuk! You are unbelievable, I thought you were doing it because you were helpless before him but you were deliberately offering my virginity to him to get rich? How could you uncle? I had been obeying you for 15 years and how could you sell me to a gangster? You are a pimp and I just hate you!".

" How dare you call me a pimp you bloody cunt?."

Cheng Zhao came running to her and he hit Yun on her face. He was burning with anger.

" I want you to listen to me carefully that I don't mind if you are married to him or not! I need the money and if you have so much concern for your grandmother, why don't you just take her with you after pa

" what? Are you trying to fool me out! I can't give you her details! I will give you the details once you give me another 1 billion!"

" You are an unbelievable man! You are actually selling your own mother for 1 billion!"

" you can take it in any way! I want money and if you give me 1 billion, I will give her details!"

" fine! I will give you the money!."

Yun knew that only On Xin could help her to get her Granny back but she had no idea about him. She was about to leave the home ignoring Ping and Feng who were waiting for her in the living room. But Ping forcefully held her arm.

" You bitch!!! How dare you threaten my daughter? Have you forgotten the way we had tortured you? I think my husband made you remember your past! I can see the marks on your face!."

" Are you done? Because I am not interested in your lecture! Next time if you touch me I will make sure that your hands are twisted and broken!! Don't test my patience!!"

Ping withdrew her hands from Yun and she moved backwards pulling her daughter with him!.

" Mom why are you not telling her anything! Look at her she has become so arrogant towards us!".

" It's enough! Don't you dare to start a new fight with me? I don't mind breaking your hands too!"

Yun spat out them angrily and left the home at once.

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