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   Chapter 13 Token of Gratitude

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" Thank you so much!. It was a wonderful night and I enjoyed it to the fullest! Take this token as a symbol of my gratitude for giving me such an awesome night and your service was wonderful!."

Yun could not understand what did he want to convey her through that note. She found a cover attached to the letter and when she opened it, she found a cheque leaf issued in favour of her for an amount of 1 million yuan. Her name was clearly written on it and she realised that the moron is actually paying her the money for sleeping with him. She knew that it was her fault to force him to make love with her, but she never thought that he was going to pay her for the night!.

"My service was wonderful! Yuk!!!! How could he compare me with his usual sluts? It's so disgusting! I just want to erase the horrible memories of last night!. I am damn sure that he is a playboy and he used to pay his sluts in millions for sleeping with him and that was why he is treating me exactly the same!. But I am not one of your dirty sluts you Moron!. I forced to have sex with you because of the spiked alcohol I had yesterday. At first, I was happy to know that On Xi was not the man whom I slept with but you really made me feel disgusted after the passionate sex we had. It was my first time and you just broke my heart offering the money for my service. How could you call it as a service? If you were a good man you should have woke me up before you go and we could have a talk. But you left the note to make me awful by literally paying off my service. I know that it was my mistake and I am not going to haunt you for the same. You had your revenge on me for slapping you back in New York, but I am not going to spare you this time!.."

Yun was breathing heavily and she could not believe this man. He had taken away her virginity and he is abusing her by calling her slut indirectly and paying her for her service!. If you insult me I am also gonna do the same to you. I hope that this is the end of our story! She took the pen and wrote another letter to him.

" Thanks to you too! It was awesome and please take this token of gratitude from my side for your wonderful service, you manwhore!."

Yun didn't have anything to give him but in order to save her pride, she kept her diamond ring with the letter, which was gifted by her granny!. She knew that It cost around millions, she could not let him win this situation so she closed her eyes and asked the forgiveness of her grandmother for giving it away!. She felt relieved after paying him for his service!."

Yun wanted to leave the room at the earliest but she didn't want anyone to know that she had spent the night in that room. She found a scarf and a Google in the closet. She wore them and left the room without letting anyone see her face. But she knew that someone had clicked her pics when she was in the hotel lobby and she was damn sure that the guy didn't get the clear picture of her face!. She literally ran from the place to the street in order to catch a cab. She just wanted to make sure that nobody is following her so she ran till she got a cab. Yun got inside the car and she could feel the killing pain between her legs and the running had made it even worse.

She took the cab to her uncle's home. She knew that her uncle was the mastermind behind the marriage drama. All these years she had been tolerating every torture of them silently wi

thout even complaining to anyone! But this time he had crossed his limits!, before going against him and sue him she wanted to clarify the matter of her Granny!. So she rang the doorbell twice.

Ping Zhao opened it for her!

" Oh, it was you again?" ping treated her in a usual hatred tone.

Yun got inside the home without answering her!. She was looking for her uncle everywhere but Ping Zhao held Yun by her arm and forced Yun to face her.

" I am talking to you! where is your husband On xi? Is he alright? Did you ask him to invest in our business! Your uncle had called you so many times! Why didn't you pick the call?".

Yun patiently heard her and once Ping finished questioning her, she asked Ping Zhao only a single question.

" where is my granny?"

" Are you deaf Yun! I had asked you a question and you are not even bothered to answer me! You must be married to the richest man but it doesn't mean that you should ignore me!."

" cut the crap auntie! Where is my granny?"

Ping Zhao was astonished to see the furious Yun before her! She had never seen Yun got angry to anyone but this time she is completely acting rude to them and Ping sensed danger in her tone and she began to pacify her.

" I  have already told you about her! I have nothing more to disclose! I think Your uncle can answer your queries!"

Yun left her aunt and she knew that her uncle must be in his room. So she was about to go upstairs to his room but Feng caught her wrist and stopped her!.

" Hey, sissy!! Where is your husband?"

" that is none of your business Feng! And leave me!."

" yeah, Feng! Just leave her! Why are you talking to such a filthy person! And please don't touch her, you will also get infected with STDs. Come Let's go!"

When Yun heard him she threw a disgusting glance towards him and she pushed Feng's hands away.

Xi Li came near to Feng and he grabbed her hands to take her away from Yun!.

" Xi, she is my sister! She could be greedy and a whore but still she is my sister and how could I ignore her? But you are right. She is not in her good mood since she had a rough night with her husband! We should not disturb her! Sorry, sis!"

Feng was trying hard to act naive and innocent before Xi. When he heard about the rough night Yun was having with On Xi, he clenched his hand into a fist and gritted his teeth. he felt jealous of him. He knew that Feng was saying the truth, he could see some hickeys near her collarbone. He was hurt to see Yun happy with her husband. He believed that once Yun married to On Xi, she would definitely come back to him leaving her husband forever and he will make her his mistress. He was really looking forward to claim Yun as his mistress and it would be the best revenge he could have on her for breaking his heart. But his expectations were turned to ashes when he saw her happy even after the marriage. He felt hurt and devastated so he left the house without saying anything to Feng.

Feng saw the costly outfit of Yun and it really made her outrageous. She thought it was gifted by On Xi and she really wanted to marry him rather than her stupid naive husband. Feng found Yun trying to go upstairs ignoring her. So she caught her wrist and pulled Yun towards her.

" I have not done talking to you! How dare you leave?."

" who the hell are you! Take off your filthy hands off me! Or I will break them! Do you wanna try me?"

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