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   Chapter 12 She just Lost it

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7671

Updated: 2019-07-04 21:19

Zhen's PA Mili reached the hotel and she got inside the suite room, she found Yun sleeping on the bed calmly. Mili knew that she would be a one night stand of Zhen since he was so much interested to spend nights with gorgeous girls.

Mili placed the dress on the closet and she wanted to see the face of Yun, but she was not able to see it since her face was covered by her hair!. Mili left the room and closed it without making any sounds. When she came out of the room she asked the room service boy about the special guest in the suite room booked by her boss but he didn't have any idea about her!.

So she asked the receptionist about the same and he told her that even they were also wanted to know about the VIP guest because before leaving the hotel Zhen commanded them, not to disturb his guest's sleep and it was the first time he was asking them to keep their heads out of his room. When Mili heard him she was convinced that something is not just right about the girl so she excused them and again got inside the suite room to check if she could get any details of the girl but she didn't find anything. Mili left the room, forcefully closing the door with a loud noise which would be sufficient enough to wake her up from the deep sleep. Mili got outside and she almost ran to her car and drove off. She never wanted to disrespect her boss so She did everything he asked her for. Even though she was appointed his PA to do his official matters, he used her to settle the issues in his personal life and she got the chances to stay close to him. He used to bring her everywhere because she did her works professionally and she helped him to get away from his ex-girlfriends so easily without spreading the news in media. He used to call her in the morning and on the weekends only to deliver the gifts to his girlfriends and the delivery must be at their home or at their workplace, but it was the first time she is delivering a gift to his acquaintance at his own room. Mili could not believe that the girl had actually slept with her boss in the same room whole night. That was unbelievable because Zhen used to make love with his girlfriends at any place but he never let anyone sleep with him in the same bed or in the same room. So when Mili saw Yun sleeping soundly in the suite

he must be married. How could I ruin someone's life? I am so pathetic. I have forced him to sleep with me!. But that Moron can lock me inside his bathroom so that I won't be able to force him! What? Yeah, now I got it, it was him I could remember his face! It was that Moron from New York!. Yes, it was he indeed!.oh God why did I force him to sleep with me? I slapped him for kissing me but now I have forced him to make love with me! I feel like shit. It's so disgusting and annoying. How could I lose my virginity to him? He must be thinking that I am a slut who was carving for his touch? Oh God save me from him! I don't want to meet him again!."

Yun got outside the bathroom after finishing her business and she felt much relieved and relaxed, even her headache and body pain has significantly reduced. Yun covered her whole body using one of the bathrobes she has got from the cupboard.

She found a new pair of dress in the closet and she wore it without thinking much since her dress was torn apart and she needs to get out of the hotel at any cost!. Yun was amazed to see that the dress was a perfect fit for her. It was a black strapless gown which almost reached her knees. She looked hot in that dress and it hugged her body perfectly emphasising every curve. Yun felt bad to wear it because she knew that she is actually stealing it from that Moron who had brought it for his girlfriend. She began to leave the room but she found a note on the table and when she opened it she saw the most hurtful words in them

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