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   Chapter 11 Meeting the Moron Again

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 6839

Updated: 2019-07-02 23:01

Yun was literally crying and she had tried to get away from him which made On Xi furious and he forced her to drink more beer and when Yun begged him to stop forcing her. On xi took the bottle away and made her sit on his bed. Then he seated beside her and started to kiss her neck. Yun was very uncomfortable to sit near him and his smell was disgusting. She wanted to push that nan away and just run for her life but she knew that those are not going to help her from him.

On Xi began to lick her neck and her eyes began to shed tears uuncontrollably. She had tried to get up but her whole body was beginning to act against her wish.

When he was about to unzip her dress, she begged him

" please don't do this! I don't want to be touched by you! Just leave me!"

On xi ignored her pleas and he took off his shirt and continued to undress her. But someone hit him hard on his head with a bottle. Blood was oozing out of his head and he fell on the ground unconsciously. Yun was still in the dizziness and she could hardly see the incident occurring before her.

Both of them were kidnapped from the room, Yun was safely captivated in another suit room of the hotel and On Xi was taken by the men to some confidential place for further torture!

On Xi had spiked her beer with a drug which will cause a person highly vulnerable to sex and they could not ignore the burning thirst inside them since their whole body will be radiating heat as if they are the hot burner.he knew that Yun was not going to surrender before him even though he had threatened her to kill her granny!.

When she was moved to another room the drug started to affect her body. She could feel her whole body heating like hot iron. She wanted to lay in a pool of cold water so she had somehow managed to get inside the bathroom. And she laid down in the bath tub but she didn't see the man who was taking bath inside the shower room which was separated by a glass wall.

The man finished the shower and got outside but he was shocked to see Yun lying in the b

like her cries for help were like lullabies to him and it only encouraged him to intensify the thrust. When he finished his final thrust she was already passed out.

Zhen went to take a cold shower and when he came back to sleep he saw her sleeping in his bed facing her back to him. It evoked his thirst to have her and He wanted to go for the second round but he found her very exhausted so he difficulty controlled his feelings and let her sleep on his bed.

He pulled her towards him and kept her in his arms. He kissed her cheeks and like softly and he finally slept hugging her. He had a good night sleep with Yun in his arms.

In the morning Zhen opened his eyes to see Yun sleeping like an angel on his bed. He saw her lips a little swollen and reddish. Her whole body was marked with hickeys and love bytes. He removed her duvet and scanned her whole body. He was happy to mark her his and he took some pictures with her and saved them inside his phone.

Zhen got a call from Sam indicating him about the meeting time of On Xi. Zhen didn't want to leave her alone but he has no other go. So he got ready and left his room. Zhen knew that she could not wear the dress she wore in the last night since it was being torn in to no of pieces. So he called his PA to buy a new dress and ordered her to send them in the suit room of paradise restaurant.

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