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   Chapter 10 Locked in the Suite Room

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7118

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Feng could not let Yun win the situation and she was trying hard to showcase her good qualities before Xi so that he won't regret to marry her rather than Yun.

"so what you meant to say that you are valuing his wealth over his love? So pathetic sis! How could you marry someone for money! I mean he is going to be your husband, so it's your duty to love him and care him!"

" OMG!! Are you lecturing me, Feng? That was weird!"

" Please, you are not getting my point, Sis! I am no one to lecture you and I am just advising you to be good with him!"

" ho!! not again! Do you charge your advice? Or are you offering them for free of cost? Because I have neither money nor time to listen to your advice! Anyway, thank you for showing the concern! For your kind information, I am so happy to marry him and I wish you guys all the best for your future!

When Xi heard her, he felt hurt and he just left the scene without saying anything. He could not understand why his heart aches to hear Yun's love for another man!.

Feng was impatiently waiting for a chance to laugh at her sister who was forced to marry the old and the dirty pervert. She was happy when Xi left her alone with Yun! She just wanted to insult Yun and embarrass her before everyone. Feng walked to her and started to praise herself!.

" see! I got your boyfriend too! Xi loves me a lot and he had already ditched you for me! I am gonna be the wife of a CEO! But just look at you, you are so hopeless and pathetic, even your beauty and intelligence could not help you to get out of this situation!. You are going to end up just like your parents!. I have already told you that I won't let you have anything in your life! I will snatch them and make them mine! I know that you are hurt inside for losing him. But you don't have to worry about him because I will take care of him properly!"

" If you talk one more word about my parents I will pull out your dirty tongue! By the way, Can't you just grow up Feng?. Please just try to refrain from your habit of snatching, and if you are so much interested in my leftovers I won't mind giving them to you?!.

ought her to the suit room and he convinced her to marry him. He just left the room locking from outside and informed On Xi to come there! On Xi was excited with happiness! He left Cheng's home to meet her.

Yun Zhao knew that it was a perfect trap for her. She didn't want to marry him with a conscious mind so she had ordered some baijiu and started to have them till she had the effect of alcohol in her. It was her first time drinking Baijiu and yet she emptied the bottles within minutes. Yun vomited a lot and she felt dizzy she could barely walk and finally, she slept in the couch.

After 2 hours, On Xi unlocked the room and got inside to see the gorgeous Yun sleeping like an angel in the couch. He could feel his everlasting thirst to have her from there but he wanted her awake in his bed and hence he decided to wait for some time. After waiting for half an hour he poured some water on her face. Yun gradually opened her eyes but when she saw On Xi before her she started to scream and he had immediately covered her mouth.

"why do you fear me, sweety? I know you are a virgin flower and I will be gentle with you! This night is going to be a marvellous one! I can give you all the pleasure! Now behave like a good wife! Don't you want to save your Dad's company? I knew that you are not able to sign the agreement now! But you will sign them once you slept with me! Come let's take off your dress!"

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