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   Chapter 9 Marriage Agreement

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7188

Updated: 2019-06-28 22:01

Yun found Xi signing the documents of the marriage contract with Feng. He was not sad! in fact, his face was brightening with happiness just like Feng's, So the marriage was not forced upon him, he agreed on it by himself and he was sure about his feelings for her. It was my fault to find a slight hope in him that he will come back to me after denying the marriage proposal. I was such a stupid to believe him and waiting blindly for his love. He just ditched me for my qsister! But he is right and he preferred wealth to love. Goodbye Xi! I am just going to throw away all my feelings for you! Wish you all the best!"

Yun thought to herself and the sight of Xi kissing Feng just broke her heart into a million pieces. Suddenly she felt a kind of dizziness and her head started to become so heavy. She felt suffocated so she walked towards the garden and spent some time there to get some fresh air. Yun was so much lost in the thought of Xi and their beautiful memories that she didn't see someone pulling her towards his chest and it was none other than On Xi!.

" Hey, I have told you to stay beside me! Why did you just run away?"

" what are you doing? Take off your hands !"

She couldn't tolerate On Xi anymore, so she just pushed him aside and rushed back to the living room. But to her surprise, her uncle came looking for her and dragged her to meet the Li family.

" where have you been Yun? Come Xi's family is waiting for us!"

Cheng Zhao introduced her to Xi's parents and she could clearly see the grudge they are holding against her.

" you are a beautiful indeed but there is say that don't judge a book by its cover! And I hope you do have a beautiful mind like your sister Feng!"

Yun knew that Xi's mother was implying something! And she could not get the actual reason of their sarcasm! Yet she stayed silent as if it didn't bother her! She had already lost her love and she didn't want to create any problems in Feng's life by explaining herself to everyone since she didn't do anything.

"Let them think the way they want! I don't care! I loved their son and he just dumped me by believing my families lies! At l

g room. On Xin was talking to someone and she knew that even if she begged him to call off the wedding he won't listen to her. Just like her uncle, he will make her life terrible and annoying!. She really didn't want to end up as a sex toy in his bed!. She found Xi and Feng holding their hands and dancing together happily. When Feng found Yun watching them she dragged Xi with her and came before Yun

" Hey, Sis! I heard that you are finally going to get married to your crush! I am so happy for you! I heard that he is super rich! But don't you think he is a little old considering your age?"

" Why do you care sweetheart? Don't you know that the value of money is higher than the cheap clumsy feelings!. They became so greedy that they don't even care about the other's feelings for them!. anyway, all the very best to you for bagging such a rare fortune!"

Yun was burning with anger she was thinking about a way to escape from On Xi and her best friend was just turned out to be a selfish man and he just turned his back to her, without offering any help to her at such a crucial time. She felt ashamed for loving a mean and selfish person! If he had any confusion about her love life he could ask her? But instead of asking her, he had joined with Cheng Zao to punish her for something which she never did. So when Feng and Xi came together to hurt her she just ignored them and spat at them vigorously like a tigress!.

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