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   Chapter 8 Meeting Xi Li

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 8120

Updated: 2019-06-27 22:39

Yun Zhao

"So Feng is getting married to the most handsome man! By the way, I hope, they have not seen that ruthless Moron!! otherwise, they won't make such comments!

But why the hell am I thinking about that man? I should be thinking about my granny! Oh God please keep my granny safe! I don't want her in pain! She is the only family I have, and I can't live without her! I don't know why?? but there a feeling which constantly indicates me that Something bad is about to happen and it will ruin me! I need to get the details of my granny at any cost so I need to obey them for a while!"

Yun got dressed in a pink gown which reached till her knees. She applied some concealer to hide the bruises and some lipstick. She was looking stunning in that simple dress. Her collar bones will get the attraction of any man. Her long eyelashes are adding more beauty to her face. Her soft and strawberry lips are truly kissable.

Yun heard the doorbell and she knew that the awkward marriage was going to happen soon. Sometimes this marriage would be happening against her granny's wish and that's why they are keeping her away. They wanted my help for keeping the secret and maybe because of that, they are treating me good. But still, the whole drama of love and care happened because of this marriage! I just can't believe it!! Why do they plan such a secret marriage for her daughter? Feng also agreed for this! She always wanted to have an extravagant and luxurious marriage to show-off her wealth, yet she agreed for this simple marriage..something is rotten somewhere! Oh God please save us!"

" Yun!! Yun! Are you there? Let's come down! Everyone is waiting for you!"

" everyone is waiting for me! That was an unusual thing!" she thought to herself.

Yun came down and stayed in the corner of the living room. She saw Feng wearing a heavy

Makeup and a tight wedding gown which was backless till her waist with a low neck through which her boobs are almost visible to everyone!

" Yun why don't you come here and give this gentleman a company!"

Yun heard her uncle and when she came near her uncle she saw Cheng Zhao with a tall and deadliest man. His face has so many scars and his face was furious. He might be at his fifties, and he was scanning her whole body with a lust look in his eyes. He was even licking his lips in a disgusting way!

Yun found it irritating and she didn't want to go near him but h

ce of yours! Get After spitting out those hurtful words at Yun he just disappeared from there pushing her hands away from him. She could not find him since her eyes were filled with tears, an excruciating pain occurred inside her heart which made her whole body heavy and she could not even lift her limbs. She waited there for some time like a statue and finally, somehow she composed herself and started to leave. But Someone caught her hand and she was shocked to see On Xi holding her tightly with a grin!

" oh man I could not stay away from you for a while, what are you doing to me? your beauty is just killing me, Yun! I could not wait so long for you! Be mine! I will do anything for you!"

Yun didn't hear him as her eyes were fixed on a person near Feng. She couldn't believe that Xi was the fiance of her sister. All these years she had been waiting patiently to confess her love for him. But now everything changed, it was like a miracle. Feng used to snatch everything from her. It was kind of her hobby and she loved to make Yun cry before everyone. When Feng knew that Yun was in love with Xi, she has been trying to trap him. But Xi always ignored her and Yun never feared Feng because she knew that their bond is strong and Feng could not snatch Xi from her. But it was her overconfidence, Xi is getting married to her sister and that's the truth. She has to accept the truth even though it was heartbreaking!

Yun wanted to call off the wedding and explain everything to him but she realised that the marriage was happening with the mutual interest and she didn't want to create more problems!1

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