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Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7956

Updated: 2019-06-26 21:53

Zhen Wang and Roxy came together to his penthouse in New York. His men came there in order to report some information about the girl.

" Sir! We checked the CCTV footage of the club and found a guy dragging her through the back door of the pub. His face was not clearly visible and the parking lot's camera was damaged, hence we could not get the pics of the man. We have already handed over the data to our technical team for getting a clear picture of that guy.

" Did you get the girl?"

" No sir! we need time!"

Zhen could not hold his annoyance anymore he broke the wine glass by throwing it on the floor. He rushed to the man standing before him and caught his neck tightly. How dare you asked me for more time? You have already got so much! And you did nothing!" when he was about to break the nose of his man, he got a call from a private number and he released the man at once.

" clear out everyone!now!"

His men were panicked to see the furious DD before them and they just left to get that girl. No one is dared to anger him and his men were confused to see him mad at a silly girl! They got out immediately leaving him alone.

When he was sure about that he was left alone in the room, he took the call

" I have good news, sir!"


" we have traced him sir, and he is in Beijing now. What do you want me to do now?"

" stay behind him and get me updated his each and every move!"

" ok, sir!! He will be there around 3 weeks and he is getting married to a young girl! The girl's family has already fixed her engagement with him."

" hmmm!! I am gonna visit him soon!"

He hung up the call and began to grit his teeth. On xi was his business rival and he always tried to create problems in his life. Because of On xi, Zhen had lost a business deal worth billions. It was actually not about losing billions, his reputation was badly affected because of losing the deal. Someone from his side has leaked the details of the deal to him and On Xi played well to get the contract to his company. When would always love the healthy competition from his opponents but he won't tolerate treachery. For him Pulling strings behind someone's back was the most disgustful thing in the world. He wanted to punish On Xi so that it would be an example for everyone who dared to double cross him.

He had been trying hard to catch the man and Now he

er network to make the call. Moreover, the patients under these kinds of treatment should not get disturbed."

" But I want to meet her!"

" you can! She will be back after 3 weeks!"

" 3 weeks! !!I have to wait until 3 weeks to see her!"

" yes! And it was for her own good! And why can't you understand it?"

" But if she was planning to go there, she would have told me!"

" she won't tell you, Yun! Because she knew that you will create a mess out of it and she didn't want to make you worry for her!"

" Yeah, Maybe she is right!!!

"Now can you? go to your room and wear something nice!"

" Today, Your sister is getting married!"

" what? But I can not see any arrangements and preparations for her big day!"

" This marriage is different! she is 20 Yun and the man was in madly love with her and his parents requested us your sister's hand? in marriage!"

" Hmmm!"

" Do you know Yun? He is the richest and handsome man in Beijing! He can buy her all the happiness! Since he didn't take over the CEO position in the company. His parents wanted to keep this marriage as a secret and that's why they decided to make it simple! Once he becomes the CEO we will celebrate it elegantly!"

" Oh! That's Good! Well, congrats Feng !"

After wishing her sister, Yun got inside her room to get changed!

" Mom, have you seen? She has become more gorgeous! I want to know the secret! "

" Feng she must have undergone some plastic surgery! Leave it! Anyway, you are getting married to the hottest man in Beijing, you are so lucky my dear!"

"Thanks, mom!"

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