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   Chapter 6 Losing the Bet

Destined To Love You Till The Last Breath By Sansa Characters: 7720

Updated: 2019-06-25 21:04

He found the girl was murmuring something to herself and in order to get her attention he asked her

" Are you talking to me?"

He found her raising her head up and when he saw her gorgeous face, he wanted to kiss her till her lips get swollen, but he wanted to see her reaction for the first time seeing him! So he just cuffed

"hmm hmm!"

His cuff made her snapped out of her thoughts and she answered him.

" Yes, I am and I am sorry for bumping on you."

And when she answered him politely she began to leave through the other side of him but he again blocked her way. He was actually annoyed to see her ignoring him even after seeing him.

" I had sent one of my men to bring you before me..!!!!but you denied my order and threaten him to call the cop!"

"Oh!!that was you! so you are the so-called boss of that hulk!! And by the way How could you order me around? I am not your subordinate!and I have already denied you!"

Her carefree attitude and arrogance angered him! His face turned red and he moved two steps closer to her.

" no one dares to speak back to me!"

" well, As you can see I am not included in that list, And I hope that? I have made myself clear to you!! Please just clear out!! I need to go!"

Her denial and ignorance made him furious. It was the first time he was rejected by a girl, usually, girls won't skip any chance to go near him and will do anything to get a single glance from him. But this girl is different, she is gorgeous and arrogant! His ego was badly hurt. He wanted to punish her for her rudeness and overconfidence hence he moved closer to her and pinned Yun against the wall, she was startled and frozen to the place where she stood. The man moved closer and closer until their faces are inches apart.

Zhen started to study her face. He knew that she was a natural beauty when he saw her face especially those eyes he began to melt in them.She was so pretty and he liked her innocent face. He began to caress her cheeks using his thumb and she was silent and her breath became heavy!! he liked the effect he was having on her. He thought that her surrender must be an indication, which implies that she was falling for him. He was happy and overjoyed thinking about winning the bet. so he just smirked at her and released her, " see!!! You

e happy too! But that filthy girl!!she needs to spend her whole life in my house like a prisoner!! She will never ever get a chance to escape from me!! I will make her scream in pain and she will think a thousand times before doing anything against me!!"

" but Zhen do you really think she needed such a horrible life?"

" of course!!! she has denied me twice and slapped me! I wanted to burn her alive but that would end her life at once and I wanted to have more fun by torturing her daily."

" Zhen, to be frank I don't think it's a good idea! You have to act husband and wife before everyone and how do you convince your parents?"

" it's easy Roxy! They want a girl and I hope she is a girl!"

" yeah, she is!"

" but that about if you fall for her?"

" enough!!!!!!! tell my men to extend the search to other parts of the city!"

Roxy knew that Zhen was ferocious and he was making this decision out of his anger. The girl is simple and naive, and he knew that she is not going to survive with Zhen. Zhen never loved anyone, his longtime girlfriend was Jessica. But he ditched her when he found her cheating with another man. His love life was horrible and it lasted for feel months. He only cared about his sister Miyu Wang, his father Ron Wang and his mother Boyi wang.

Zhen was mad at Yun since she has got into his nerve. Zhen would go any extend to make her life a living hell.

Roxy had done everything to make him realise

The value of her life but he just ignored it and ordered his men to get her soon

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