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   Chapter 5 ZHEN WANG

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Yun got dressed and she left Lisa's apartment to the Airport. Max and Lisa helped her to take the baggage, and Max was driving the car. It took around 30 minutes to reach there. She bid bye to them and when she was about to get inside Lisa blocked her and hugged her tightly.

" call me Yun!! Please don't hesitate to ask if you need any financial help!"

" I won't hesitate!! But please don't spend too much and don't date strange men!!"

" ok, granny!!"

" I will miss you, Lisa!!"

" oh God, why is it is hard to say goodbye to you Yun? Take care and don't let anyone break you and your dreams!"

" Thanks, Lisa for being with me. And Max, I won't forget you and thank you too for helping me!"

" no thanks and sorries allowed in friendship Yun. And we will miss you, Yun!"

" miss you too guys!!!bye!"

" bye!!!"

She got inside the Airport for boarding and Lisa and Max went back to their home.

Zhen wang

" I don't know Mom!!! Just stop it!! You are so annoying!!"

" what? How could you say that Zhen?? I was only trying to make your life better!!!"

" and who told you that marriage will give me a better life??"

" But honey I want you to get married now! Can't you fulfil a single wish of your mother? Why do you always go against my wish? I think you don't love me anymore?"

" Mom please stop your melodrama!! I have no interest in them!! Can I hung up the call?"

" have you lost your manners too son!! Your Dad was right about you!! Our family business had turned you into a ruthless and cold man!!"

" yeah, I am a bad man and I just don't care Mom!!! Ok I am going to hung up!!!Need to go!! Bye!"

Zhen hung up the call and went to get ready because at sharp 11 pm his friend Roxy will be visiting him in a club. He got few of his men with him before going there since he was going to sign a business deal at one of the crowded clubs in the New York City and he will be needing them to keep his fans away.

Zhen wang is a business tycoon. He is a handsome man with a perfectly built body and a gorgeous face. He had got so many admirers since he used to be a model for his mother's boutique.

He is a playboy and he used to date celebrities, models and actresses. girls were always tried to get a chance to be with him for his money and power. He never entertained anyone to be his girlfriend or wife, he always paid them pretty much good amount for sleeping with him. He just needed them for one night and used to throw them out of his life like tissues. He had never loved anyone and he believed that love makes a man weak and unfocused. Hence he didn't like to get hooked up with anyone.

He used to have a cold aura around him and people feared him especially those who go against him...because he won't give them a chance to confess their mistakes. He can do anything and no one dares to cross his paths. He owned a large number of companies, houses, private jets, cars and yacht all over the world. His enemies used to call him as DD which means Deadly Devil. He had a snoper gang who dared to kill his enemies.

Zhen Wang came to the club through the Vip door and he seated in the VIP room exclusively arranged for him with his frie

nd Roxy.

" oh man, finally we got the deal! They were about to drop this project but when I mentioned the name of DD, he suddenly agreed to sign the whole papers!"

" hmmm!! Good enough!"

" Bit that On Xi is a threat to us, he is going every possible thing to ruin us. And the deal was about to miss because of that dirty man!"

" I have already traced him out! He is going to count his last days on the earth!"

" you are so cool man! How did you manage to do that?"

" because I am the DD!"

" but why did you bring these men with you?"

" you know these girls! They can't take their eyes off me and I need my men to keep them out!"

" Yeah, Dude!! Your girlfriends are horrible I mean they just need you for money!!"

" yeah, and I found it as a good trade!!"

" Oh, so that was your reason for not getting hooked up with anyone?"

" yeah. One of the reasons!! Girls are all the same!! Selfish sluts!!"

" but I don't think so. Some of them are different. For example, can you see the girl over the dance floor? She is simple, carefree and drop-dead gorgeous!! I think she is different from those sluts!!""

Zhen Wang turned his face to observe the girl and when he saw her, he was shocked. He had never seen such a beautiful girl in his whole life. She is simple, innocent and care free girl. she was dancing with a man and the way she swung her hips on the dance floor had evoked him sexual feelings. she has a perfect curvy figure with a super gorgeous face. Her eyes, lips and skin everything was perfect! He wanted her in his bed at any cost. He knew that she is going to end up like other bitches in his bed.

" Hey zhen!!! see!!even you have gone crazy for her right?"

" she is gorgeous man!!!but I think she is a slut like others and I can very well prove it to you!"

Zhen called one of his men and told him to ask the girl to come to him and the man did the same.

But to his surprise, the man returned without her and he told Zhen that she had denied his request and she told him that if his boss wanted to see her and ask her something, he can come down and meet her there. He told him that the girl called him hulk.

" He called you the Hulk? HHahaha oh man she is too funny! I have told you!!! She is different Zhen!"

" No way!! She didn't know that it was me who wanted her here! If she had seen me she would have definitely come here!"

" I don't think so!"

" ok let's have a bet on that!"

" ok! If she rejects you even after seeing you, then you should fulfil your mother's wish of getting married! And if she is ready to come with you then I will be your servant for two weeks!"

" what??that was weird, man!!"

" are you afraid of losing the bet??"

" No way!! Count me in! I am going to get her now!"

" ok and all the best!!"

Zhen Wang left the room and went downstairs to meet her. He saw her going to the washroom, so he just followed her and blocked her way. She has bumped on him and apologised him. But when she found him blocking her way again.

" what the fuck?What did happen to everyone? and why do they keep irritating me today!! Ho God! it's so irritating and Now I need to manage this guy too!!"

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