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Max dragged them through the backdoor to the parking and made them sit in the car.

" Don't get panicked!! I am doing it only for your safety and I want you to drive off now! I will join you at Lisa's apartment."

" but Max what happened? We are really worried about you!"

" please just go!"

" ok bye max but take care of yourself!"

They left to Lisa's apartment and Max went back to meet his manager.

" Sir!! Did they find her? I have asked my friend too but she didn't see that girl around!"

" No they could not trace her out! But believe me, she is going to be in great danger because it's Zheng Wang and I don't think that she is going to survive in the New York City haunted by him! May God bless that girl to survive!"

" But what did she do to him? Why was he angry at her and asking everyone for her?"

" I don't know Max! "

" But sir why do the people fear him? I mean even in your eyes I can clearly see the fear!"

" you don't know about him haan??? He is one of the richest CEO's in the world! He belongs to the powerful Wang family of China, the richest and eminent family. His relatives are so dangerous and they are all employed in the powerful post. He can ruin anything and anyone within seconds. He is ruthless and he dared to kill people. He is involved in Mafia business also but no one dares to speak or raise a finger against him."

" oh my God, sir! But why would he go so mad at a silly girl?"

" even I was thinking about it!!! Usually, girls fought against each other to get a chance to be with him!! And being a playboy he used to spend two or three weeks with them and dump them like tissues!!! But they won't go against him because he used to pay them in millions!"

" oh what a man!!! Sir do we need to help him?"

" no I guess because they have already left and I think we should also leave now!"

" ok, sir good night!"

" good night max!"

Max was about to leave the club, when he got inside his car he saw some men in black suit searching for someone among the crowd gathered outside the club. He dove off silently and he knew that they are looking for Yun Zhao and Zhen Wang was the man who got slapped by Yun. He went directly to Lisa's apartment without a second thought!

Yun Zhao

"what happened to Max?? Why was he behaving like a pshycho??"

" No idea babes!!!"

" I have spoiled your day!!!!and I am really sorry!! That moron was hopeless!!! He had destroyed our night and I just wanted to kill him!!!"

" but you are so cool, dear!! you slapped him!!!I wish I could be there to watch that interesting scene of my bestie being forcefully kissed!!!

Finally, someone was there to give you the taste of kiss? Did you like it, Yun?"

" oh just shut up Lisa!! He bit my lips and there are bruises formed on my lips and wrist!!! He was made of Iron, and he was really scary!"

" Oh my God! I didn't see that, come lets apply some medicine!! still you slapped him, sweetheart! That was the most interesting part of the story!!!"

" I am serious Lisa!!! "

" I am too serious Yun!!! Look Max is back!"

" Hey, buddy what happened to you and why did you force us to leave the club?"

" Yun! Do you know the man who had kissed you? I mean his name and whereabouts ?"

" No, Max! But what was the real problem? I can handle it please just tell me!"

" His name is Zheng Wang!"

" so what?? Does it mean he can do anything with others??"

" Yun Zhao!! You had just slapped the richest billionaire in the world. He has a strong connection with the Mafia king Luther Maxwell and he is the deadliest combination of power and wealth!! We can't fight against him and moreover, he is searching for you

Yun!!! "

" what do you mean to say Maxi??"

" she is in big trouble, Lisa! No one can survive here in this big city going against him!! He will ruin them!!"

" He can ruin me Max but he can't kill me right?"

" yes, he can very well kill you!!! please for God sake try to understand the situation!!!" what should I do now?"

" go back to your home! At least you will be safe with your family in your country!!"

" I think he is right Yun! You should leave!! I want you to be safe! Please listen to us!! Just leave!! "

" hmmm!!! Fine, I am going to book my tickets but I am doing this only for keeping you guys safe!! I don't want him to ruin you guys for saving me!!"

" Yun!! It's not about us!! It's about you!! You were already having so many problems in your life!! Just go to your granny and sort out your issues!"

" ok, Lisa I am convinced!!!"

" we will get your things from your apartment! Please don't go outside Yun!!"

" oh my God!! Not again Lisa!! I will stay here and I am not a kid!"

" ok, granny!!"

Max and Lisa left her apartment leaving Yun alone.

Once they drove off, Yun felt sad and broken. She had been trying hard to be a strong girl all these years before everyone but she failed to keep her coolness. She was a naive and soft-hearted girl. When she lost her parents at the age of 5 and left alone with her uncle's family and granny, people used to criticise her for being such an unfortunate child. Her uncle and aunt used to beat her and scold her before everyone and she didn't like to gain sympathy from others. Hence she started to act as a bold girl and prepared herself as an independent girl!!But deep inside her heart, she is just like a normal girl who loves to read romantic novels, dates her prince charming, loves to shop with her friends......

She always feared her uncle because she knew that he can do anything to her for money. He let her live her life only because of her father's will and according to which if anything happens to them the company and all his wealth will become Yun's only when she reached 22years old and till then her uncle will be the caretaker of their whole wealth. The profit sharing should be in 50:50. Fifty percentage will be Yun's and the other 50% belongs to her uncle. But he had never given her the profit.

Her uncle and his family had spend a lavish life using her father's money and she did a two shift job for paying her bills. She always loved to go back to China and wanted to marry Xi Li. She never told him her love for him but she knew that he is also having the same feelings for her!!! She wanted to start a new life with him but he belonged to an upper-class family and she did not have any wealth to give him. So she studied hard and took the graduation from Columbia University and was about to enrol her name for PG. But her uncle had ruined it. Being 22 years old is the greatest misfortune in her life.

Now, this Zhen Wang guy had ruined her dreams and wishes to ashes, she has no other go rather than going back to China. And she feared if she that moron came to know about her friends, he will punish them too. So in order to save her friends she decided to leave New York.

Yun had snapped out of the trance when she heard the doorbell. She opened the door and found her friends before the door holding her bag.

" we had packed everything and when are you going to leave!! "

" I booked the tickets and it's at 2 am! "

" what are you waiting for?? Get ready we are going to drop you at the airport!"

" no, I can book a cab!"

" listen don't argue this time!! We are going together!"

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