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   Chapter 3 FIRST KISS

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"what the fuck?What did happen to everyone? and why do they keep irritating me today!! Ho God! it's so irritating and Now I need to manage this guy too!!""

Yun started to murmur herself!

" Are you talking to me?"

His sound was so powerful that she was frightened to hear him. sometimes he didn't hear apologise hence she raised her head up to see the man so that she could apologise him properly, When she saw his face she was mesmerized by his handsomeness. He was a strong man with perfect six pack body and his muscles were clearly visible through his shirt. He had a perfect jawline with beautiful lips. But his face was ruthless and his eyes were sharp. She had never seen such a handsome man in China.

"hmm hmm!"

The man began to cuff and hearing it, Yun just snapped out of her trance and she answered his question!

" Yes, I am and I am sorry for bumping on you."

And she began to leave through the other side of him but he again blocked her way.

" I had sent one of my men to bring you before me..!!!!but you denied my order and threaten to call the cop!"

Oh that was you! so you are the so-called boss of that hulk!! And by the way How could you order me around? I am not your subordinate!and I have already denied it!"

Her carefree attitude angered him! His face turned red out of anger!

" no one dares to talk back to me!"

" well, As you can see I am not included in that list, And I hope that I have made myself clear to you!! Please just clear out!! I need to go!"

Her denial made him furious. It was the first time he was rejected by a girl, usually, girls won't skip any chance to go near him and will do anything to get a single glance from him. But this girl is different she is gorgeous and arrogant! His ego was badly hurt. And he

Moved forward and pinned Yun against the wall, she was startled and frozen to the place where she stood.The man moved closer and closer and she could feel his hot breath touching her cheeks. She was tensed and her throat became dry, she wanted to fight back but his closeness aroused some weird emotions inside her.

Even though she loved Xi Li she never got a chance to spend some private time with him and all these years she saved herself for him. She believed in sex after marriage and never felt bad for not getting him closer to her. But this man is crossing the limits. He pressed his body against her and her knees started to tremble out of fear!

Then he began to caress her cheeks using his thumb. He was happy to see his influence on her and he began to smirk at her. She was lost in those dark eyes of him. He had finally released her and spat out at her.

" see!!! You are not different!!!you are just like the other sluts!! Carving to get touched by me!"

His abusive words made her lost her temper and She couldn't take it any more so she just pushed him hard with all her force.

" how dare you call me a slut you filthy moron!! Didn't your mom teach you any manners?? Or don't you have a mother? You good for nothing giant! You pumpkin head!!!

"you!!!!! bitch!!!?How dare you mention my mother with your filthy tongue!! I am gonna peel off your skin and burn you alive !! You little cunt

!!You are going to pay for this!!!!mark my words!!"

The man was burning with anger, his eyes darkened and he was gritting his teeth. When she realised that she had made him angry and she should not bring his innocent mother's name in their fight. Yun felt bad but she did not show it on her face. she was terribly frightened and she knew that he is not going to spare her, she tried to escape from there but he caught her wrist and pulled her towards him. She was clearly trapped between his huge arms which were wrapped around her waste like a python. She was about to scream for help but he kissed her. She never expected such a punishment from him. She was shocked and her eyes were about to pop out. It was her first kiss and the moron took it away from her.

She has been saving it for Xi Li but he just ruined her precious gift for Xi Li.

He had started to kiss her roughly, when he found out that she was not responding to his kisses, he just bit her lip so hard that she could feel the blood stains on her lips. She tried to kick him and hit him to release her but her struggles made him increase the pace of his kissing. It was a rough kiss and she knew that the man would go to any extent to get her punished so she decided to fight back! Finally, She bit his tongue and suddenly he released her out of pain.

Yun was breathing heavily but the man stayed there smirking at her and she was very mad at him for forcefully kissing her!

" I have told you before! You are a cunning Slut acting innocent to entrap the rich man for money! But your tricks won't work on me!"

You filthy whore!!"

Yun just lost all her calmness and she just slapped him on his face hardly and left the place immediately.

The man was shocked and he stayed there patting his cheeks. He was very angry and he was fuming with anger. He clenched his fist and began to hit the wall angrily. His Knuckles began to bleed and one of his friends came running there to help him.

Yun rushed to her friends and she told them everything. When Max heard the whole story he went out looking for that man to gave a word with him, But he was summoned by the Manager of the club.

" Max have you seen a girl wearing an off white gown with a blazer and she is Chinese??"

He knew that the manager is speaking about Yun but he ignored it and asked him casually.

" what happened, sir? Why are you suddenly looking for a Chinese girl!"

" she had slapped Zhen Wang and he was after her! His men were looking for her and I was just asking you?"

" Zhen Wang!! Oh my God!!! She is going to be grounded!!"

When he heard Yun Zhao had hit the most powerful and ruthless billionaire.He was worried for her and he wanted to protect his friend from him. So he just made an excuse

" Sir I will search her for sure, but please just let me go to send my friend safely to her home!"

" ok but make it fast !"


Max rushed to his friends and he was sweating heavily.

" Hey, what happened to you, Max?? Are you alright??"

" please don't ask me anything I want you guys to leave now!!"

" but what happened?"

" no buts!!!! drive off!"

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