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Yun was mesmerised in the beauty of its interior. It was decorated well, the couch, the dance floor, the seats and the bar, were organised very neatly with the perfect lighting. it was the first time she is entering a pub, even though she belonged to a rich family. Her uncle used to give her little money which was not even sufficient to pay her mess bill. She had to do two jobs for keeping herself alive in New York City. So exploring the pub was out of her limits. Now when she got the chance to experience it, She just loved it but when she was enjoying the view, she found Lisa's friend looking at her with a smirk!

" Hey, why are you staring at me?"!

" well, I am actually looking at the person to whom every men in the pub are staring crazily!"

" Hey, what do you mean by that?"

" what I meant to say is that every man has started to eye fuck you, sweety! After all you are such a sweet candy!"

" Hey! You!!

Yun Zhao was about to say something but Lisa cut her off!

" be quite Yun, it was just a joke!! Take it easy!! And meet my friend Max!! Max this is Yun Zhao my dearest and the sweetest friend!!

" Hello Yun!! You can call me Maxi!! And I am sorry if I hurt you!"

"No need to apologise Max! Well, thank you for the passes!!"

" Hey don't be so formal to me!! I was telling you the truth, you are gorgeous and everyone is admiring your beauty!! But I won't trouble you because I am gay!!"

" I don't have any problem with you, Max!!"

" But you are going to face too much now!!"

" what Do you mean?"

" I mean just look at you man!!!You are breathtakingly gorgeous and you have got the perfect curves and your eyes, skin and hair!!!! Omg!!! You are a fabulous one and I think boys are going to eyefuck you today!!!"

" whatjQuery21406635949999351456_1561403531425 I have told you, Lisa!! I think I should change my dress!!even this Max guy found this so revealing and sexy and I don't want anyone to stare at me inappropriately!"

" come on Maxiii!!!!You are frightening her!! What the fuck was your problem?""

" But!!! it was a compliment!!! Come on Yun I was just joking!! the dress is a modest one and it suits you well!!!!you don't really need to change your attire!!"

" ho God!!! you are such a perveit!! Can you do me a favour?"

" yes, baby!"

" from now on don't utter any stupid jokes about me!!"

" hmmm I will think about it"

" thank you!"

" you are always welcome sweety!!! come on ladies!!! Let's enjoy!!"

When they were about to seat in the reserved spot to order them drinks, Yun got a call from her granny.

" oops granny is calling me!!! Guys, you go and enjoy I will join you!!"

" ok come on Maxi!!"

Yun got outside the club and took the call

Her granny felt bad for her and called Yun to confront her. Yun tried hard to hide her feelings from her granny because she knew that her sorrows will bring only tears in granny's eyes. Her granny wanted Yun to come back and take the charge of her father's company, she knew that her granddaughter is not experienced to run the company so she wanted her to get married to an experienced businessman so that they can together look after the company and flourish it.

Inside the club. Lisa seated near Max and they were having the bear.

" Lisa!! Your friend is super gorgeous!!!! Oh man!! Did she have a boyfriend? I mean she is so perfect and boys will be fighting hard to make her their girlfriend!!"

" yeah!!! Yun is such a sweet girl!!! since she belongs to a reputed Chinese family, she had some moral values and she had always stayed away from all those temptations!! In our college boys went crazy for her, do you know Ben Li? He wanted to make her his but Yun always rejected him.And finally, he left her. "

" what? Is she ma

d? How will a girl can reject the super hot billionaire Ben Li!! Are you sure about her sexual orientation?"

" she is not a lesbian for God sake Max! She has a huge crush on someone!"

" wow!!who is that lucky man!"

" his name is Xi Li and he was the childhood friend of Yun!!"

" well!!! What about you Lisa? Still thinking about your ex??"

" Not again Max!!! change the topic!!!"

"oops sorry, Lisa!!! "

" it's ok!!!not interested to talk about that shit!"

"Hey, see Yun is back!! "

" Sorry, guys it was my granny!!"

" it's ok dear!!! what do you like to have ???"

" can I get some fresh juice here?"

" hmmm yeah let me grab it for you!"

"thank you Max!!"

Max got the drinks for them and after having some they got on the dance floor! Someone asked Yun to dance with him but when she rejected him, Lisa went with him to dance and she was dancing crazily!!

Max has done some funny steps with Yun and she laughed at him since his movements resembled the baby gorilla!

" Oh, Max just stop it!!! I can't breathe!! You are such a horrible dancer!"

" what?? I was actually trying to flirt with that man! And you are making fun of me Yun! So pathetic!!"

" But I am telling the truth you are a horrible dancer Max!!"

Everyone was watching her moves amazingly! Girls hate her for being so pretty and a good dancer and men admired her. But their look of lust turned in to a fearful one when they saw the sniper beside her.

" excuse me, miss!"

A tall man with a strongly built body came before her

" yes!"

" Sir is calling you mam! He is sitting over there and he told me to bring you over there!"

" sorry I didn't get you? Who is that sir of yours?Do he know me?And why did he want me to go there and meet him? He can come over here too! Is there any problem with his legs?"

The man was shocked and angry to hear her response because nobody dares to speak back at him since he belongs to the fearful sniper team of DD. He gritted his teeth and started to warn her!

" look here! I don't know who you are and where are you from! My boss needs you over there and I should bring you to him and its an order!"

" what!!! Hey, you hulk! I don't care about you people! I don't want to meet that man and if you are going to force me I will call the cop! Do you wanna try me!"

The man was burning with anger it was the first time he was insulted by a little girl before the crowd! He wanted to smash her face and take her with him but since his boss had come there to finish off some illegal business he did not want to involve the cops, hence he just left the place silently!

Max was dancing with a hot man and Lisa was chatting with a man. So she didn't want to disturb them but they saw her denying him and his hatred look for her! They rushed to her to protect her!

" who was that man Yun!!! I think you should not deny him! Look at his muscles oh man he must be a health freak!"

" just stop it, Max!! He was asking me to meet his boss! I don't know him and his boss so I denied!"

" see I have told you you are going to be in trouble!"

" shut up Maxi! Don't frighten her!! See Yun! He might have wrongly come to you! Don't think too much! Take some rest and have fun!"

" it could be a mistake I guess!I am exhausted and I need a break Lisa!"

Yun went back to her seat and started to have her juice. She had emptied her glass and made her way to the washroom to get freshen up, but she collided with a strong wall and she started to rub her head, but when she saw the leather shoes she realised that she has bumped into a man. She apologised him and when she was about to leave the place, the giant man started to block her.

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