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" I couldn't believe him! How am I supposed to tackle this? Oh my God! Why it was always me? If my father's business is in loss means I need to pack my bags and go back to Beijing! I won't be able to submit my remaining works to my Dean!and I won't be able to continue my higher studies! I had been working hard to get enough money to pay my tuition fees. And my graduation was finally completed but I wanted to study more and I was about to ask my uncle for some money to continue my studies but I don't think that I will be able to get a single penny from him now! He had been always cruel to me and treated me badly even though he was my maternal uncle! My parents died in a car crash and my father's business was being taken care of by my uncle Cheng Zhao from then onwards. My uncle and his family had always treated me like an unwanted child in their family. His family means his wife Ping Zhao, his daughter Feng Zhao and our granny Shu was because of my grandma Shu Zhao, my uncle sent me abroad for pursuing a degree. When I got the scholarship from the University, it was hard for him to deny my wish. Moreover, my Dad's business has been managed by him and he could not find any excuse!"

Yun Zhao came to her senses when she heard the doorbell, she opened the door and found her bestie Lisa standing with a bag.

" Hey Lisa, what a surprise dear! You never told me that you are going to come here!"

" well, I thought of giving a surprise to the birthday girl! Happy birthday Yun!"

" what? You remembered it?? oh my God!! Did you come all the way to here for just wishing me? It is so touching Lisa and I am so lucky to have a friend like you!"

" you should be Yun!! because nobody will get a friend like me since I am a limited edition one!"

" Hey, that was a joke!! don't praise yourself too much!"

" oops, it hurts Yun!!!! By the way, See what have I brought for you? its a cake and a beautiful gown, sweetheart!"

" Lisa, I have already told you to cut your expenses!! You should not spend lavishly dear!especially on me!!!"

" come on Yun it's just a cake and a dress! I did not buy a Ferrari for you!!! And Please!!!! don't give that face to me!!"

" Mmmmm!! whatever!!"

" Now come and sit!! we are going to cut the cake!"


" happy birthday ...., happy birthday ..... happy birthday my dear Yun... Happy Birthday to you!!"

" Hey, that was gross!! Just stop it!"

" what? You are embarrassing me now Yun!!!"

And let me put some came on your face buddy!! but!! what?? wait for a second!! are you crying?

" Lisa! it was just a cake for you but it means a lot to me, dear!! You know!! today my uncle called me and he did not wish me even though he knew that today I turned 22. He just told me to go back to Beijing!"

" what??? You are going back!! But what about your studies??"

" I don't know Lisa!! I mean He told me that my Dad's business was in debt and if I am not able to convince his partner, he would sue me and my uncle won't be able to help me more!!

" But that business is being looked after by your uncle right??? Then he should be su

ed instead of you!"

" He managed the business only for few years and when he had successfully built his own business he just left my Dad's business, and as per the will I am going to be the rightful heir to the business since I am 22."

" what??? He is such a cunning man!!! He knew that you turned 22 today and instead of wishing you he just told you to take the responsibility of your Dad's business which had been exploited by him for the last 18 years!!! oh man, he is such a bastard!!!"

" well, I won't be able to continue my studies here but I will try to get admission in Beijing."

" that's my girl!! Always positive and focused!!!

What about your Cousin??? Still in the same college!?? Sorry, I forgot, What was her name??"

" Feng Zhao! She is just enjoying her life like any other rich spoiled teenagers!!! She had expelled from her college and now she is just partying with her friends all day and night!!"

" that was gross, man!!! Prefect daughter of your perfect uncle!! Such a horrible people!!! Opps I forgot!!just get ready and wear the new dress we are going to attend a party in a pub!!"

" what??? No way!!!"

" hey just listen one of my friends is organising the party for a billionaire and he got two passes for the event!! He asked me to go with my friend!"

" But I had never been to a pub and I don't know how to behave there!"

" just chill!!! I will be always with you!! Get ready now!! Please, please!! you are going back to Beijing and you can't even say a yes to my single wish?"

" ok ok!! But don't drink too much and don't flirt with any strangers? Is that clear?"

" ok, granny!! I will be careful! now get ready Yun!!! Oh my God, I am so excited and we are going to have a blast there!"

Yun got inside her room to change and Lisa was doing her makeup then she heard a loud scream from Yun's room and she rushed to Yun

" what was it?? Why are you screaming!?"

" you bitch!!!why did you buy me an off-shoulder dress and it barely reaches till my knees!"

" what?? Did you scream for that!!! For your kind information, We are going to a party not to attend the mass in church!! grow up you stupid!!Stop your drama and get ready we have only 10 minutes left!!!"

" but the dress!"

" omg!! You are so naive Yun! Come on take this blazer!!! It suits your dress and will cover

You well!"

" Thanks, Lisa! But are you sure?? Do we really need to go there?"

" yes, I want us to be there enjoying the whole night forgetting our worries and stress!"

" Yeah, sounds fun, Lisa!!!"

" I know dear! Come let's leave!"

They left Yun's apartment and drove to the club. It took around 35 minutes to get there and they got out of after parking their car in the reserved spot which had been arranged by Max who is Lisa's friend. He was actually waiting for them before the club, and he welcomed them with huge grin.

It was Yun's first time in a night club, and she was not sure about to go inside but Lisa was pleading like hell and finally, she got inside the club.

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