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   Chapter 105 The end

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 6789

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"What did you just call me?" He asked, his brows raised_confusion was evident in his demeanor.

"Nothing... Forget it." I replied almost immediately. I cursed myself in my mind for being so lose mouthed and weak.

My heart kept beating so hard and fast in my chest that I felt like I would pass out.

My eyes rested on his hard chest afraid to look into his eyes. At that point even my eyes had a mind of his own.

All my body parts kept screaming. Run Mira or drown but I chose to turn a deaf ear to their plea. Instead I asked him a question of my own, mustering enough courage to look him in the eye. "How do you know that I am here for the interview." I ask.

"Answering a question with another. Bad habit." He chuckled. "Well if You must know it wasn't that hard to know. You do not look like a customer here and you are definitely not my employee." He answered, still smiling.

"So you know all the employees?" I asked cocking an eyebrow. I tried my best to look serious but I couldn't remove the smile on my face no matter how hard I tried. I loved how he looked at me like I was a specimen.

"I'll definitely know if someone as beautiful as you worked here." Was his reply. He takes a hold of my shoulders with both his hands then he looked into my eyes and asked, "So what's the answer to my proposal yes or yes?"

I giggled at his playfulness. Turning my eyes from his I replied, "Yes but we have to come back in thirty minutes time and no more."

"No more baby, no more."

In thirty minutes he made me laugh more than I have all year. I felt loved, wanted, adored, and as we stepped out of the restaurant I never felt as empty as I did.

I didn't want to leave. He had Kept his promise to me; he spent exactly thirty minutes and no more. But I wanted him to spend more, forever and forever. For some weird reason I never wanted to be away from him, ever again.

He was so different from Scar yet so similar, It confused me and then it endeared me to him even further.

I came home that day happier t

ant to shelter you But with the beast inside There's nowhere we can hide, No matter what we breed We still are made of greed This is my kingdom come...." I sang along making sure to keep my voice low. It had been so long I did any voice training so I assumed that I sounded horrible now.

I want to join the choir again but I keep postponing it but one day I know that I will.

"You seem to like this song a lot." Noah smiles.

"I do. It rings a bell." I say, as I lay my head back on the sit.


The silence continued and the only thing that could be heard in the states of the art car was our hearts beating in symphony, adopting the same rhythm.

"You didn't keep to your promise today." I whispered, breaking the comfortable silence_ after a while. "Why?"

He didn't reply but I felt him move. He leaned forward and turned my head to the side while I stayed frozen to the spot letting him do what he wanted to do with me.

My heart stopped and somersaulted when he placed a kiss on my dry lips.

My eyes remains shut and I stay unmoving even as he continues to kiss me.

"I will tell you all that you need to know about me, my Reina." He whispers into the kiss.

My eyes fly open the moment he calls me Reina. I take his lips into a passionate kiss and moan his name in his lips.

Indeed, All is fair in love.

The end.

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