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   Chapter 104 4 years later

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4 years later

I fell in love with him the way you fall asleep. Slowly and then all at once. Really if you ask me, I still don't know why or how I fell in love with him but I know that it was slow and steady and then at once just the way a volcano errupts.

Maybe it was how he walked, talked or how he looked at me. Mostly how he protected me but I fell in love with him wholly and completely without boundaries and up until now even after many years has passed he was still the love of my life.

I still don't know why but I couldn't ever bring myself to forget Scar or JN or White Lion.

Til this day I can't say what I felt for him for sure just like I didn't know which name to call him.

Yes, I did hate him for lying to me, for betraying me, for taking me for a fool, and for manipulating my heart, but then, deep down in my heart I knew that I still loved him.

He played me well, he played his game well and he stole my heart even before he started playing the game of love with me.

He played me and I became drawn to him like an iron to a magnet, and I knew that I was still so hopelessly in love.

At times I feel he is alive watching me, I hope he is. And so for the mean time I wait for him. I know I still need a therapist but I focus on being a better person, a successful person.

In the end because of this focus I graduated from the Faculty of international relations with a first class honours from the university of California.

My mum was so happy with me that she didn't know when she outdid her promise to me. She didn't just get me a beautiful house she got me a new car in addition to the many I already had.

Zara and Yvonne both graduated with a good result, second class upper.

Zara was married now to the hot guy she met then in the club and she was now working in the Embassy. We later found out that the club guy was so wealthy he had branches of his business even in the states.

Even Yvonne was now in a serious relationship with a movie star. We never ever stopped keeping in touch we were like the

anted to rush to him, to hug him but then I controlled myself.

The urge for him was unexplainable as it was confusing.

His eyes on me didn't help matters, it made me nervous to the bones. I suddenly felt unworthy.

"Hi back to you, " I replied with a smile. The building had three steps you had to climb before you could get in and I was standing on the third.

"I'm Noah, and you are?" He asked, climbing the second stair.

Now, His face was a few inches away from mine causing my heart to beat recklessly in my chest.

I struggled to give a reply. I will hate for his first impression of me to be that I was dumb. I wanted to make a good first impression but then I failed as the words that came out from my mouth were all gibberish. But In my defence my mouth spoke what my mind thought and my mind wasn't exactly doing a good job of thinking in that moment, not with his presence.

"Mira.. Mira, " I stuttered. I instantly felt embarrassed. I couldn't explain why I was trembling but I was.

I could hear my heart beat in my head that's how heavy it was.

"Mira? What a befitting name for an angel like you. So Mira can I take you out while you wait for the interview to begin?" He asked climbing the third stair.

Now that we both stood so close and he was now only a few inches close to me. I could see his eyes better, I choked.


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