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The door to my room creaks open making a lot of noise. I turn around and roll on the bed trying to get back to sleep but I find that I can no longer sleep.

My head aches so bad I feel as If my brain wants to fall down from it.

I take in a deep breath but it only increases the throbbing in my head.

Now it turns to a migraine.

I try to close my eyes but I cannot do so without feeling feeling an intense amount of Pain.

I sit up and hold my head in between my hands. "What to you want?" I ask Jose who was standing in front of me with a tray in hand.

It was obvious that he brought me breakfast but still. After yesterday I thought he won't bother entering my room again. I guess I thought wrong.

I look up at him and frown. "Where are my friends?" I ask my head throbbing.

"They brought you here after you sneaked out might I add. They are downstairs waiting for you." He answers.

I nod.

"Should I ask them to come up?" He asks raising his brows.

I shake my head in the negative.

He nods then he walks around the bed and drops the tray of food on the bed side table. "I made it myself I hope you like it. There is also pain killers by the side it would help with the headache."

esides you have thought me how to be strong." He says. This time he is the one that hugs me and we stay like that till my friends come in with their noise.

"Ah ha! She is finally awake." Yvonne says.

I move away from Jose and smile at them. "I think I am going to take my mum on her offer. Who is going to America with me?" I ask.

Yvonne and Zara stare at me like I just grew two horns but then they squeal in unison.

"Where you go we go!" Zara says. "We are the three musketeers."

Yvonne turns to face her with an irritated look on her face. Zara shrugs. "Common I mean it sounded nice."

"Don't ever call us that again." I say in unison with Yvonne which draws a laughter from Jose.

'Now let's see if they will follow me to America' I think as I throw in the pain killers into my mouth.

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