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   Chapter 102 Run now

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 4638

Updated: 2019-07-15 20:09

My mouth instantly turns dry when I see him. I close my mouth and open it unable to speak.

What is he doing here? Is my eyes deceiving me?

I thought...

I thought...

I thought, I didn't know what I thought. After the day Scar died I never saw anyone of them again. Through out the one month I was in the hospital for both physical and emotional injury, I stayed paranoid hoping that one day one of them would sneak in and steal me away or at least tell me where My Scar was buried.

I wanted to see him again, to pay my last respect, but none of them came. Not for a year. I had prayed and hoped and even searched for them which made me and my mom fight a lot but I never saw them.

When my mum became more determined to rid me of their memories she cooed me away to school even though I claimed then that I wasn't yet ready. But my therapist had given her the go ahead and she listened to her instead.

And now after all these months, after all this time of searching, he was now here.

"And who are you? the boyfriend?" The man asked, pulling me from my thought.

"Isn't that obvious! now please let her go. I do not like men laying their hands on my girlfriend you know she's mine." Black states as he winks at me.

My mind is no longer there and I just stare at the scene before me, unaware of my surrounding or anything at all. I feel like I am about to pass out


He wanted to reply but before he could a car stops in front of us.

"I'll see you later and for the record, I mean of the chat. As a friend I advise you to leave, you never can tell what happens next I might not be there to save you." He says winking at me. Before I can say anything else or object to him he is already in the car.

He rolls the car window down.

"But if you don't leave then you cannot run away from her, Mira. And say me well to your therapist and your new priest."

"How do you know..." My voice trails of when I realize that I already knew the answer to my question.

The Car speeds off and I stand still frustrated.

I went back into the club and drank to my Heart fill till I was so drunk to think. So drunk to move.

My mind kept spinning and spinning all the while with so many questions and no answers.

But it soon became obvious what my decision would he. I had to leave.

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