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   Chapter 101 In the flesh

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 3438

Updated: 2019-07-15 17:18

I stare into the mans blazing eyes. He is very dark but good looking, at least averagely good looking.

He is dressed in a black Jean and white shirt. He has on a diamond earring on one Ear and a gold pin on the other ear. I can see all this through the red light that focusses on his face. He is dressed like a bad boy.

I give him 6/10 for his looks but it still didn't give him the right to grab my hands. I flinch, finding my voice.

"Let go of me right this instant!" I order. My voice has over the year been laced with authority and I've never failed to use it whenever I thought it was necessary, just like I am doing now.

"And why will I let go of such a beauty like you?" he asks with a dangerous smirk. My insides clench with fear and memory. I try to block the fear from sipping more into my head.

I have no angel to save me now, I have to save myself.

"Because I said so and because I do not want to dance with you!" I reply exasperated. Do I really need to play the mother card now? I wonder. "Look I am

n great talking to you."

I turned to take my leave but he grabs my hands again. Now my heart starts to beat faster and I feel my confidence diminish still I maintain my stoic expression

"Are you out of your damn mind let Me go?" I scream.

"And like I said I won't!"

"You are out of your damn mind Mr, I can see that now let me go do not make me force you to."

"She said let her go or do you need an interpreter if you do tell me in what language so I can get you one, you know it will be my pleasure to do so." A familiar voice interjects.

I turn my head around to see who my savior is and my heart stops.


Black is here in the flesh.

They have return.

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