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   Chapter 100 Let's dance

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 7351

Updated: 2019-07-15 17:04

I am thinking of how Jose will be now that I am not there with him? has he eaten? is he okay? Did the cook prepare his food?

I didn't want to worry about him but I couldn't help it and it was making me feel like shit. I felt like I was responsible for him and I needed to take care of him and now that I wasn't there with him I couldn't help but assume that he was probably suffering.

I was feeling human again. I was learning to care for others again and it scared me much. I didn't want to end up being betrayed again but I also didn't want to keep letting my fears rule my life. I want to take charge of my life now.

"Back to earth Mira!" Yvonne says clapping her hands in front of my face. "You've been zoning out quite often. Is anything the matter?" She asks sincerely looking worried.

I didn't even notice that I had stopped driving and we were actually walking to the club now. It still surprises me how I managed to function even when I am completely zoned out.

"Matter? what can be the matter, " I say shrugging off her worry. "I was just thinking of how far we have come as friends and I couldn't be more grateful for you both. You two are the best Friends anyone could ever wish for." I added with a fake smile that didn't quite reach my eyes.

"Awww we love you too and you are the bestest friend in the world, " Zara interjects..

"Group hug!" Yvonne shrieks pulling the two of us together into a massive bear hug. I immediately felt better.

After all father Jose has been living just fine without me_ although I can't give the definition of just fine but he will survive, he has to.

But I know that can't let myself feel sorry for him, at least not for a man I consider to be unattractive. Who knows he might just be faking it all.

"Let's get into the club and shake our booties!" Yvonne screams excitedly.

"And get you a man, " Zara adds.

"I need no man all I need is a dick, " Yvonne starts dancing to the music that came from the club. It is very faint but we can still hear it.

"And a dick goes with a man right?" Zara asks narrowing her eyes at Yvonne.

"Oh you think I could very well____"

"Girls! Girls!" I snap at them "Here comes the devi


"I promise to be gentle." The hot guy interjects.

Zara takes a deep breath. Then she smiles at me and I smile back giving her the go ahead.

The hot guy stretches his hands for her with a smile plastered on his face. "My lady, Shall we?"

Zara giggles then she takes his hands. Before leaving she turns back and asks, "But what about you I can't leave you alone, " she screams at the top of her voice because the music had suddenly grown louder.

"I will be fine. Enjoy yourself!"

She hesitates a little so I know that I have to push her more into going. I think of what I can do to convince her to go have fun.

Just then I see a guy coming my way and without giving it a second thought I grab his arm and turn him to face me." let's dance, "

"Mira!" Zara smiles.

"See I'm with someone now." I reply.

When she saw that I was in fact with someone she turned to leave giggling at something the guy by her side whispered in her ears. She seemed very happy and I was happy for her.

She was too uptight, I wanted her to loosen up so much. To live.

"And my girl is becoming a woman, " I smile.

"You said what?" An unfamiliar voice ask.

I just then realized that I was in fact dancing with a stranger. I left him immediately like he was flu.

"I'm feeling dizzy I no longer want to dance." I say. I try to walk out but he grabs my arms and turns me around to face him.

"Not on your life bitch!"

My heart skips at his tone.

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