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   Chapter 99 Friends

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 6775

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I didn't want to go back to the parish house till it was late and I needed to change my clothes so I had to borrow one of Yvonne's. I told them everything that happened yesterday, that is how my mum got me a new place to stay no ease her paranoia and how the priest reminded me of him whose name should not be mentioned.

Yes, I have told them the story of life although I left out some information's like me getting my money through blackmail.

Yvonne wore a red short gown with a diamond earing and no accessories. Zara wore a long sleeveless gown with a sleeting that reached her waist. Talk about sexy.

I wore a back crop top and shorts with diamond earnings. The three of us Finished our dressings with a boot.

Well just me and Yvonne, Zara wore 8 inches high heel. Yvonne was so happy that I finally got to wear one of her dress and her reason was that I was always the one giving and she was happy to see me receive from her after all they were rich too.

We laughed and danced in the car singing to our favorite music, 'drunk in love' by Beyonce and 'writings on the wall' by Sam Smith.

"You know this heels are killing me" Zara complained.

"Girl I didn't tell you to wear no hells. Don't come complaining to me I ain't your mama or do I look like one, " was Yvonne's sharp remark. They were always opposing each other, well Yvonne was always on Zara's tail. I don't Blame her though Zara Can be childish. She was previously bullied by the school before we came.

Flash back

I had gotten my admission letter quite early I think even before the admission list was brought out online. Don't ask me how. Getting admission to the university wasn't an issue for Me unlike most Nigerians, my mum could build me a whole university if he damn well pleases.

And we all know. Well Nigerians know what having money and connection can do for you. It can do even the impossible. I didn't need my moms connection anyway, I was and still am a very very I intelligent girl something I got from my mum.

My proble

nt what she said when she said game on and she kept trying to pull me down but I was always a step ahead of her. Sometimes I was even three steps ahead of her.

The one that finally made her give up was when I won the pageantry that made me the queen of the school. Rumors had it that she slept with judges for her to win but she didn't. I actually entered into that competition to bring her down  not that I was interested in modelling or any of that sort. I knew I would win over her Even if I was paralyzed.

Truth be told she was beautiful and rich but not classy. So you know, being rich doesn't always make you classy, you can be rich and still be shit. And you can be poor and be very classy. It depends on your carriage and confidence.

I on the other hand, I was born with class, into class.

After the pageantry we hit the height of popularity and she became nothing.

With the shame of her failure and the fact that she was no longer respected as before, thanks to me. Who if you haven't noticed, it is very much advised that you do not make me an enemy.

She transfered to a school abroad. With her Last word being "I will come back for you. And my last word to her being, " hell you would and I will always be prepared.

If only she knew that I have had enemies weigh tougher than she was an here I am still standing strong.

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