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   Chapter 98 Get out

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"What the hell did you just say?!, " I asked Yvonne shocked. Like never in a week would I have predicted such. Adrian is a Casanova I know that, but to stoop so low as to go after my friend my best friend! Boys can be so unpredictable.

When I was told he was cheating I expected it to be some random slut not my best friend.

I won't call it cheating anyway. Let's just say he attempted to cheat.

"You can't believe her you know I'll do no such, " Adrian begged holding my hands. He must be really stupid to think I'll believe him over my friends.

"Will you fucking let go of me you idiot!" I hiss. Everyone Stared at me waiting for my reaction but I didn't want to give one. "I go for what? two days! and you are already messing around with my friend. Boy your fast, " I laugh.

I laugh so much that tears fell from my eyes. It was a laugh of very high amusement.

I felt that they would probably be thinking that I was laughing to cover up the pain I felt but I was laughing because I found the situation qu

e on you because that stupid boyfriend of yours almost killed me!" Yvonne snarled.

"Point of correction ex boyfriend."

"Yeah whatever now I can finally get laid I thought I was going to die a Virgin thank holy Jesus I'm not going to!" she exclaimed putting her hands on her chest dramatically.

"Ok Yvonne you can't die a Virgin" I Stated rolling my eyes.

"Says who?" she asked feigning anger.

"Don't you have to be a Virgin first, " Zara interjects looking thoughtfully. We all burst out laughing.

"You girls brighten my day now let me brighten my night!" I squeal as I drive really fast.

We spend the day shopping and gossiping and at night we hit the club.

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