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   Chapter 97 Scissors

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I've always tried to live, to live in the moment but the moment always passes me by so swiftly I can't even grasp it. This minute I'm ok and the next I'm not. It is as if my Mind is on a war against me. It plays pictures in my mind that I did not want to see and music I did not want to hear.

Right now I was laughing with Yvonne and Zara so happy that I forgot everything but before I could grasp the moment I remembered something or rather someone. Some one I should not have remembered.

"I wonder why Adrian isn't here?" I ask as my eyes roam the park for him. He used to be here waiting for me whenever he missed a class and that was rarely, he hardly missed a class not that he was the brightest student or a nerd. I guess he did it for me, well not exactly to my benefits since he always ended up distracting me. One of the con's of having your boyfriend is the same class with you.

"I wonder so too, " Yvonne nonchalantly said. She was always a big fan of Adrian and for her to be so uncaring about his absence made me know that in fact something was wrong.

Something is up and they are hiding it from me I can feel it in my bones call it instinct. But what is wrong?

When you do not know the answer to a question what do you do? You ask of course.

"Zara what happened with Adr


I could see Yvonne giving me the what the hell do you think you are doing look and I smiled back assuring her.

"So have you missed me, " I asked Adrian giving him a side hug. He seemed to be getting less nervous and that was my plan. Hit him with the bomb when he least expects it.

"Of course I did, I was so worried I couldn't even sleep. See how horrible I look. I missed you babe. How was the holidays?" Adrian chuckles hugging me again.

He was now calm and confident. This is the Point where I should ask him if it was true but then Yvonne beat me to it.

"Oh so you were missing her while begging Zara for sex right?" Yvonne asked causing I and Adrian to both exclaim. Adrian cause he was shocked and I cause well, Yvonne can't just keep her mouth shut can she.

The atmosphere become tensed so much so that it could be cut with a scissors.

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