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   Chapter 96 Laugh

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 4025

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All eyes were on us as always but now we didn't just have the students attention but the lecturer. I was already used to being stared at, we were already used to it so we didn't mind much.

The three of us looked at each other with questioning glares wondering who our lecturer was in fact referring to.

It would really help if the lecturer made it clear who he wanted to stand up "Do you mean me sir?" Yvonne asked blinking her eyes seductively at the lecturer. I rolled my eyes spanking her on her thighs, she flinched then chuckled, "Dont make me vomit Yvonne seriously he's old enough to be your ancestor or your village god! " I whisper amused.

"No, not you Yvonne, her, " he said pointing at Zara.

Zara was shocked when he pointed to her and so were we. She barely said anything and now she's the one being punished. Talk about fairness in life.

"But sir I didn't say anything, I wasn't the one talking, " Zara pouted whilst standing up. She eyed Yvonne shooting her daggers with her eyes.

"You were the one I saw talking do not argue with me young woman! you will stand till I'm done with this class. I'm here talking my ass out just so you could learn something and be a good person

se cooking kept playing in my mind. I was really worried about him I felt responsible for him. I really needed exorcism I should be thinking of hot guys with sexy bodies and all the biceps and triceps not fat, shy, oh my God! I need help.

"Down to earth Mira" Yvonne shouts snapping her fingers at my face. "What you thinking of girl, the little dick?"

"For the love of God stop talking about dick Yvonne! why can't you stop?" Zara yelled closing her ears."what's your problem! "

"I didn't have sex Yvonne!" I interject.

"I haven't had sex for two weeks, two weeks, I'm at the point of death!" Yvonne shouts. "I need to die now, "

The three of us laughed and concluded that Yvonne truly needed a dick ASAP before she goes crazy or drives us crazy. I still Don't know which one is worse.

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