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   Chapter 95 Trouble

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 5081

Updated: 2019-07-14 23:31

There is nothing I hate more then coming late for lectures. I hate it with my life and my death and with everything I have. I hate it more than I hate reading my igbo textbook. Which I had to read unfortunately

Immediately I entered the class all eyes were on me but as a Queen that I am, that is exactly what I expect so I didn't mind. Instead of getting shy like most people I  walke majestically to my sit while clutching my bag for support.

Luckily for me or predictably my lecturer didn't ask why I came late, he didn't even pay attention to the fact that a student just walked into his class late. That's one of the pecks of being rich.

No lecturer has ever dared ask me why I came late to class and I barely came late to class anyway. Believe it or not I actually took my school quite seriously. I wanted to make my mother proud by genuinely getting that first class without her help.

I also want to make myself proud. I don't want to rely on my mums fame and money forever, I want to make mine.

I hate the fact that my classmates keep staring at me whenever they see me. Every time they see me they act Like they are just seeing me for the first time and it was so annoying, I've Been with them for a year now..

'I'm pretty I get it, but you Dont have to make it that obvious, ok maybe you do, the contradictions again.' I think smiling to myself as I sit down on my usual sit in between Zara and Yvonne. My mind was always on am overdrive.

I just now realized that a seat was empty. Adrian was

ming. She glared at us feigning anger or maybe she was indeed angry. With Zara you can never tell. She was always the one who called us to order when we are well not in order.

In a group of three friends there must be the good one, the princess and the drama queen. You  should already know who's who by now.

"Get a life girl___" Yvonne interjected faking a yawn, "You are so boring, even my grandmother has more fun than you do and she's like, what, eighty? "

"Dick isn't life__ "Zara argues. Before she could say further the lecturer looks to our direction his face contorts in a deep frown. He is angry at us now even the class can feel it.

"You there stand up!" he ordered, pointing at our direction. I thought he was referring to Yvonne seeing that she has been the one talking ever since I stepped my feet into the class. Yvonne always gets us in trouble it isn't the first time and it won't be the last. Although I didn't mind because she always gets us out of the trouble she creates anyway.

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