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   Chapter 94 He stays

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 2846

Updated: 2019-07-14 23:18

Life is a fucking contradiction, this minute we feel incredibly happy and the next minute we feel terrible. This minute we like someone so much and the next we feel Nothing but hate towards the person. Sometimes we are not hypocrites as people think sometimes it is just an honest change in feelings.

After less than a minute of thinking I could be friends with father Jose I quickly thought it over, like seriously, Did I just say maybe we could be friends? I didn't even know him he can be a criminal for all I didn't know. He can be pretending to be who he is not or worse still he could be a criminal.

The truth is I am no longer a nice trusting person as I used to be so don't let my little gesture earlier make you think I am. I am careful with the people I chose to trust now. OK, maybe sometimes I can be very good but I don't think there i

aybe he is wearing a contact lens.

I roll my eyes at his increasingly annoying shyness. I waved him and  entered my car. He turned back and waved me goodbye before I turned on the ignition.

Driving off I look back to see him standing at the door, his eyes focusses on my car.

He has a far away expression on his face that I could not fathom. I try to ignore the feeling in my heart, seeing him stand there I felt loved. He reminded me so much of him. There is a feeling that comes with knowing someone loves you and I love that feeling. I mean Who doesn't?

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