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   Chapter 93 No weakness

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"Do you pay them" I ask trying to stay calm.

If he doesn't pay them that's the only reason or excuse they can have for being totally stupid and even that reason is still not acceptable. If you are not going to work then Don't, but don't pretend to be working if you aren't.

"Yes.. Of course.. Very well I don't defraud labourers of their wages!" he replies almost immediately. His eyes widen in shock.

It is not like I am accusing him of anything I just want to figure this bullshit out. I wondered if my voice sounded accusatory.

"So you pay them, what the actual fuck! Let Me tell you this you are being taken for granted, you are the boss here and you should be treated as such. Your food should be made ready for you anytime you are hungry or feel like eating even if it's every hour or every damn second. That's what they are fucking paid for. Now let Me tell you this. I'll not stand for this!"  I say in all sincerity.

Father Jose stares at me shocked, he was obviously surprised at my reaction.

After speaking I breath in and try to calm myself down but it isn't working much. I was not the type that defended people, I am no hero or anything close to being a hero. But I just hate it when good people are taken for granted, this is why we have good people becoming bad people everyday simply because their goodness is being taken for granted and not appreciated. Why do people mistake goodness for weakness?

Leaving a stunned Jose in the kitchen mouth agape eyes darting everywhere but avoiding my eyes. I walk briskly to the boys quarter and straight to the cooks room. I literally bang on her door, kicking and banging furiously.

She comes out almost immediately, her eyes were puffy because obviously she has been sleeping while her boss is busy doing what she ought to be doing. What nonsense!

Taking in deep breaths I stare at her with my intimidating Bitch face but I refuse to speak. I didn't want to start screaming and if I speak now only God knows that my mum will hear my voice wherever she is now.

When I was finally calm I attempted to speak. "Father Jose is hungry you should be cooking his food don't you think!" I ask. My voice still sounds a bit harsh but it is better than

, I just wanted to be sure you were ok, I'm so sorry." he apologized staring at his feet.

"It is really ok. You only saw my cute butt and we all have butts, granted not everyone's butt  is as cute as mine but still it is ok. I was just stressed yesterday that was why I snapped like that" I say.

Omg I just realised I was talking about my butt to him a priest, my mouth needs filter now. Then again I was never one to hold Back what I feel, I say it the way I feel it except I'm with my mum.

He didn't reply me instead he looked away blushing, he was flushed. His shyness amused me now but I bit back on my smile. "I'm going to class now, see you when I get back" I say smiling genuinely at him

He cleans his hands with a towel since he was no longer cooking. Then with his hands he gestures if he should walk me out. I nod smiling then he grins at me.

Maybe we could be friends after all, maybe.

We are at the door now when he says something that struck me.

"Mira every demon has an angel in them or was an angel before. Always give people the opportunity to tell their story you may be surprised what you get to know about them if you will listen to them without judgment or bias. There is always good no matter how little in every bad act. Nothing is either white or black. Always remember this."

I look up at him and smile. "Why are you telling me this?"

He shrugs. "The Lord asked me to tell you."_

"That's ridiculous." I say and we both laugh out.

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