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   Chapter 92 Furious

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 5992

Updated: 2019-07-14 22:15

I have always had a problem with waking up in the morning. Why do we have to wake up early at all? Why do we have to go school? Why can't we just sleep and watch Netflix all the day of our life's. Why do we have to work for money? Why can't money fall down from the sky like rain so that everyone will be rich and we didn't have to work.

But what kind of life will that be I couldn't even imagine it. I loved being Queen.

But seriously why is life so unfair why do I have to get up early and who the fuck introduced school? that person better hope I never get to see him In the next world or I'll kill him again.

After I had finished complaining mentally about life which had become a routine for me, I rolled down from the bed twitching my eyes and scratching my eyes.

I feel as if I haven't slept in five hundred years even if I haven't lived that long, obviously.

I arrange my bed reluctantly and search my wardrobe for something decent to wear. After what transpired between father Jose and I yesterday I didn't't want to give him any more ideas by wearing something provocative.

After searching for a decent clothe to wear for almost three centuries and half, I finally settled on a black lace long sleeve gown that fell just above my knee. I rushed my bath drying and moisturizing my skin till it shined.

I settled with black accessories, black jeweleries, black flat shoes since today I I didn't have the strength to put on heels.

I applied dark makeup, smokey eyes and dark red lipstick so dark it was almost oxblood. I definitely looked like I was on my way to a funeral, which I was, considering that I had just lost my sleep in a tragic accident. Life.

I shove my linguistic text book, my jotter and my pen into my black hand bag.

Not too satisfied with my

rom his weight, doesn't he know he weighs a torn "Mira I'm.. He was trying to speak when I cut him off

I knew he wanted to apologize for what transpired between us yesterday. I won't let him, I am the one who ought to apologize and I'll do that after I have solved the pressing issue in ground. Where the fuck are his workers!

"You have two cooks! why will your cook leave home early in the morning without preparing your breakfast, Excuse me! But that's unheard of!" I almost yell.

To say I was irritated will be a very serious understatement I was furious. That is not a workers etiquette and it should not be accepted. I imagine my cook leaving the house without preparing my food first or leaving without getting a permission from me. She will be sacked and jailed immediately and no amount of begging will save her. Not even if the whole world gathered to beg on her behalf.

"They__I don't___" what the hell was he trying to say. His eyes were focused on the ground. He looks scared of me as if I am going to hit him. Something is off about him I can tell. But right now I am furious I hate workers who have no discipline.

Seriously I'm right now infuriated beyond compare.

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