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   Chapter 91 Cute butt

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 5077

Updated: 2019-07-14 22:01

I take off all my clothes and walk naked into the bathroom while humming lil Wayne's song, 'I got no worries'

I loved the jacuzzi and the duck toys that floated on the water, it made me feel like a child again. I savour each moment entering the jacuzzi.

As I dip myself in warm water and lavender.

I lay my head back, wine in hand. I had sneaked in wine from my apartment over to the parish house.

My mum doesn't know I now drink and with the way she talked about me to father Jose I know Jose expects me to be the saintlest of all saints, if there is anything like that.

I didn't care what he thought about me though, the only opinion that really matters to me is my family's opinion and I didn't want to disappoint them. I was remaining sane only for them.

I sip the wine slowly, savouring its sour taste. I almost drown the whole bottle without even knowing..

I close my eyes and relax against the tub as the alcohol kicked in.

I remain in the bathroom for about thirty minutes, cleaning up and washing my hair.

I felt dizzy and it made me giddy and my I insides fuzzy but I wasn't drunk yet.

It is when I step out from the bathroom that I remember that I forgot my towel on my bed.

Shaking from the cold I walk naked to my room, water kept dripping from my body and wetting the rug, I sighed. Just as I was about picking up my towel the door opened and I grabbed the towel hastily covering myself. Loking back I narrowed my eyes at the intruder.

Father Jose stood there mouth open,

ira who is me, is going to choose her good personality and Mira will apologize because it is right and that's what good girls do. Even if Mira isn't a good girl sometimes bad girls can be good.

Tonight will be a long night for José  i thought damping my wet body. No one sees my cute butt and sleeps the same that night. No one. The thought of him thinking about my butt caused me to cringe in disgust. I didn't want any man ever seeing me naked again. Not after him...

One question came to my mind; who will have it worst tonight? Jose Mario or me. It may be me. I might have nightmares of a white lion pursuing me ready to devour me for letting another man see me naked.

I felt like I have betrayed him. I quickly pushed the thought aside and fetched my pill. Even thougt my therapist had advised me to embrace the pain I had chosen to ignore it, to subdue it with pills upon pills. It worked for me at least it has been working up until now even if I am aware that I can no longer recognize myself.

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