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   Chapter 90 Reina

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 5789

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My mum slept with me that night that's after we had played pillow fight although she mistakenly put her hands in my eyes once when she wanted to hit me.

I ended up crying a she pet me, soothing my back. There wasn't a reason to cry but I guess I just wanted to be a baby for a night. Just one night now that she was with me.

"You know I don't know how to play all this kind of play you have with your brothers." She whined as she patted my back softly, making me burst out into a full blown laughter amidst my aching eyes.

Later the both of us cuddled up in my bed. It was a habit the therapist had advised us to have so that we could be sure that the other was safe. It had really helped with the nightmares after that night.

Before my mum left for her appointment she made arrangements for all my things to be brought into the the parish house by tomorrow. I was overjoyed.

I could finally get to see my baby, my pure White range rover I thought happily. I have really missed her since I had to travel with a Jet and so couldn't take her with me for the holidays.

I made a mental note to buy a Lamborghini soon. I need to start learning how to race if ever I'm going to be as good as the transporter or better. I wanted to learn how to drive fast, badly. I want to learn everything that can make me be strong enough to fight for myself.

My mum left the next morning after bidding me good bye and pumping thousands into my account through mobile transfer, I have told her times without count that the money she gives me is too much. But she says I'm the reason she has it in the first place even though I don't like to be reminded about how I got us to have the money. But the end justifies the means. Yes, I was

e I've been in school.

My shoe shelf, wardrobe, underwear locker, everything was in place. They even washed the bathroom which was already so clean I could see my reflection everywhere.

I only stood around giving others but that stressed Me out so much so that I couldn't even give a response by evening when the workers finally left after thanking me for employing them and  supporting their company which I had no idea existed.

I knew that they will see my being mute as arrogance, 'the rich brat doesn't want to talk to the poor' But I didn't care. People will always judge you for sins they themselves coming.

After resting a little I stand up to take my bath. I tie my long hair into a very messy bun and bring out my music box which had a memory card of its own. I put it on and increased the volume to the loudest forgetting that I am no longer in my apartment.

Bad habits they say die hard.

Even after knowing how wrong I will be if I put on loud music in the parish house I couldn't still bring myself to stop playing the music_not when the songs drowned a certain baritone voice always ringing in my head.

Calling me Reina.

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