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   Chapter 89 Lonely

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 5150

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I was deeply touched by his philosophy, he still had hope in humanity, such a pity.

I have lost my hope In humanity for a very long time I almost forgot when but I can never forget who made me loose hope in humanity.

I do not regret it, people disappoint. To me everyone is a two face demon, a monster capable of the very worst of worst, I do not exempt myself from this belief.

I don't think anyone can restore my hope in humanity again.

"That's really nice!" I lied. To be honest his philosophy is pretty bizarre to me. "Its my best colour too but then I never thought about it like that." I continued. One lie one truth. Neutrality.

I glance at my mum who stood awkwardly  by the door. "Mum what do you think, the room is nice right?" I ask her. In reality I wasn't only trying to bring her into the conversation I wanted also to know her opinion. I always value her opinion.

" I love it! whoever designed this house has a nice taste" she said clasping his hands together, she was happy that I got to be safe in a nice place. She didn't just look happy but he was happy which is rare for my mum.

I started to see how worried she must have been about me all this while. Thank God I did as she had asked without much arguments.

I didn't want her to be sad at least not when I have been suspecting that she was pregnant even though she won't admit it. Maybe she was scared that Chidera didn't want another child or maybe she was even scared that we won't but I wanted a little brother or sister whichever one will do.

can be annoying.

The last workers he introduced me to were the Cooks and I instantly hated them. They were best friends but they looked evil, and smelled evil and cunning, my instinct never fails me. If I say that they are evil then they are.

Sarah was the taller one with a silly open teeth and a more silly hair, makeup smeared her face. Rita looked just like her or I couldn't tell the difference between them because I didn't care. Rita was short and plump. They were both fair and I knew they bleached seeing their multi colored skin.

They weren't happy to see me, that much was evident on their faces. I wasn't happy to see them either so the feeling was more than mutual. Much as I would like to keep to myself they better not Cross my path so I won't be forced to put them in their place.

After the long interesting tour I must say, we ate dinner and my mum and I retired to my room to sleep after a long day. Although Jose looked rather sad when we said our good nights. Poor thing. He looked so lonely.

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