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   Chapter 88 Suspicion

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 5794

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Most times the poor judge the rich because they see them as shallow people, snobs, egoistical heartless beings but what they don't know is  power intoxicates and with money comes power and with power comes ego and pride. So it was hard to see a rich man without either.

Although some rich people have it in them to ignore their pride some don't. For some rich people money automatically blinds them like aunt Lisa.

I fall now between good and bad. I can be a narcissist, the most egoistical proud arrogant person you  have ever met and will ever meet or I can be the nicest person you will ever meet. It's a choice of mood. Just the Same with my mother our similarities outweighs blood.

But what made us more unique is the fact that we have tasted all aspects of life. We knew the Pain of being poor and the joy of being rich so no matter what power never completely blinded us.

I looked at my mom lovingly as we walked together hands intertwined like best friends. A mothers bond was indeed the greatest. She had been with me through it all and I could not be more grateful for her love and her patience.

Right about now, Father Jose is leading us to my room on the third floor, he informed us that the servants live in a different building opposite this and the both of us will be the only ones staying in the mansion.

He said that Although the servants come Into the mansion once a while to clean up and to do other stuffs, they never go to the third floor, he cleans his room and library himself he said.

All he was trying to let me know was that I could have my privacy and I deeply appreciate his concern for me.

He led us to the elevator at the middle of the hallway and it annoyed me that he had one in the

seen the bathroom yet but from what I can see from the room the bathroom will certainly will be a masterpiece. A place I can waste away to nothingness thinking about him.

"You love the colour grey so much" I pointed out turning to face him after I was satisfied with the room. He looked down at his feet  avoiding my eyes, he can stare at me when I'm not looking but he can't look Me in the eye. Interesting

"Because I believe in neutrality, I believe that there are two sides to every story and nothing is either white or black. I believe that no one is purely evil except the devil and purely good except God. Every human has good and bad in them, any part they show must have been triggered by something, hence grey symbolizes neutrality. I think people are like grey, a mixture of white and black, a mixture of good and evil, together they make a beautiful color. Grey is also a symbol of long life, old age and wisdom. Grey means that everyone has a story even a criminal."

I nod and clear my throat. Is he trying to tell me something? I ask myself.

I narrow my eyes at him_suspicion kicking in. Something was not right I could feel it.

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