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   Chapter 87 Need

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 4881

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We got into the library and God it was huge. As a Catholic I've been to the Library's of priest but never have I been to a library like this.

It had eight rolls up and six rolls down and each was filled to the brim with books. A glass table and three black chairs where in the middle of the room.

Sofas laid on the side of the wall behind us. Every single thing in this room was painted ash, like every single thing. The rug, wall, chairs, except things that can't be painted.

There were more painting's than sculptures here, Mostly landscape drawings and flowers. One painting stood out from every other painting. it was the painting of a boy drowning under water, the painting was so real I got lost in it.

Any one who painted it must have been feeling a lot of pain. It was too painful to see but I didn't remove my eyes. Pain is a necessary feeling.

There was a piano at the side and a violin on the table. He's a fan of music too, I guessed.

"You can both sit." Jose said motioning to the chair in front of us

"Thanks." My mum says.

"Thanks." I murmur.

We both sat first with Jose sitting last, he looked unsure of whether he should sit or stand.

How did he become a priest more like how did he survive seminary school like this. He was so scared.

He behaved like an overgrown baby.

"I know father Jacob must have informed you that my daughter over here will be staying here for now due to some very unfortunate circumstanc

and bored. But I wanted to say something, anything to take me away from the misery I was feeling. I didn't also want to be alone or I might feel tempted to call my therapist.

"No I didn't__"he answered blushing

I cocked my head to the side raising my eyebrows in obvious confusion.

"I didn't buy it because I painted them." he added.

"You painted them "I asked surprised but impressed.

"Yes I did, every painting in this house was painted by me. It's my escape___" he stopped talking, sadnesses evident in his eyes.

"They are really nice." I say with a smile.

"Thanks." He blushes. "Your compliment means a lot to me."

I nod and look away from him. Now I knew never to judge a book by its cover. "You know one day I would love to paint." I murmur to myself.

I close my eyes and remember who I told this same thing to before. My love. I missed him so much. Suddenly I didn't care if he had lied to me or not, I wanted him back. I needed him back.

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