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   Chapter 84 Even

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"Yes I want to go with you. You said he is a priest right?"

She nods.

"That's even better he can pray for me." I reply smiling.

My signature smile never left my face when I was talking to my mum.

She had not stopped the habit of being worried over little things when it came to me so I tried my best to hide my discomfort from her even though sometimes she could see through my smile. I only wish she will be oblivious just this once, just like she was before when I experienced the worst thing a girl could.

I covered her hands which were still on the wheel and pecked her cheek. Then I wrap my hands around her neck which made her chuckle. "I love you mum. Don't worry I am fine didn't my therapist tell you that. I am OK. Trust me."

"I love you too my princess. You will be fine." She smiles.

"I love you mum!"

I could never get tired of saying that I loved my mum and she never gets tired of telling me that she loves me too.

My mum relaxes a little after I pecked her. Her shoulders loosen up and she no longer looks tensed.

We talked about random stuffs like my school project and her own project with the company's north Korea investors. She asked about my friend Zara and my favorite lecturer Mr Leonardo. She knew a lot about me except who I was now.

We even talked about my step dad and baby sister Chidinma.

We laughed like nothing terrible had ever happened before in the past, like we had never once suffered.

After much talking and laughing we fell into a comfortable

ected to him in anyway. To me he was just filling up a void, a space that society needed to be filled up and I felt that he didn't feel the connection too.

We were both using each other for our different reasons.

She dropped the topic immediately knowing that it was not a good one.

"Common I am a big girl already mum. I am 18 now remember." I say playfully hitting her shoulder

"So are you ok with staying in the chaplaincy?" my mum asks after a whole minute. There is still nervousness in her voice and I want to wash it off.

"Sure mum a change is always accepted, so is a challenge" I say smirking. "Your princess is now the queen, not a Queen, the queen, and she can handle anything. Trust me I will be fine."

I didn't want to tell her that I have learnt just now to fight. If i did she would figure out that the memory of the things that had happened still lingered somewhere in my mind refusing to washed away.

Not even a god like therapist could wash away the memory of white lion.

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