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   Chapter 83 Hug

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 5382

Updated: 2019-07-14 12:34

My brothers and I hugged each other and confessed our undying unbreakable love to one another.

Then I went into the car where my mom was waiting to take me to school and to the new house she wanted me to stay due to her paranoia.

We were now on our way to a place only God and my mum knew.

I did not know where we were going to because my mum vehemently refused to tell me.

But by the looks of it we were heading towards the direction of my school. I recognized the road and the sign post but against better judgement I decide to say nothing about it.

The road was tiled and hardly would you see any borehole. My college is a private school owned by the former president. It is the best college in the whole of Africa. A school for the elite.

Everyone who attends the school must come from a family who had money and over the last four months my family had become one of those family's who could be counted as those who had money.

Mt mum's final break through became when she was appointed as the commissioner of Delta state. At that point my dad had realized what he had done to himself by leaving my mum but by then he was already married to the other woman.

However he still shamelessly decided to come back. When he came back to ask for forgiveness neither my mum nor me or even my brothers heard him out.

My mum threatened him with the new found power she now had and then she threw him out of the house promising to lock him up should he ever dare to return.

As a coward that he always was he never returned. For a week my mum had cried about it. It had affected her more than sh

would start from the leaders.

She had prepared a Visa for me and my brothers but she wanted us to finish schooling in Nigeria before she would fly us abroad. That is my brothers would finish their secondary school here and then do their university which includes my new sister, abroad. While I on the other hand will do my college here and my masters abroad.

"Mira did you hear me?" My mum asks causing me to break away from my reverie.

"Sorry mum, what did you say" I ask looking up at her a smile on my face.

"Are you sure you want to go with me to this place?" My mum asks for what felt like a million time. "I could get you a house and bodyguards if you want."

I really now looked at her and I couldn't help but to admire her.

Age did my mum a lot of favors, her grey hair made her look more beautiful and her skin was spotless. She was too fit for a woman her age. Too hot I must say.

And the hot gown she was wearing now made her even hotter. It was no  surprise to me why I was so beautiful anyone borne from my mother just had to be beautiful.

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