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   Chapter 82 In which she feels betrayed

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 6821

Updated: 2019-07-14 11:29

"Mira what is going on." My mum asks me.

We both hold on to each other tightly knowing that we are the only ones we have now. It was just me and her now, no one is coming to save us.

My hands tremble even as I try to steady it. Nothing is making sense to me, nothing at all.

'Sophia is only trying to confuse me' I reassure myself, even though I can no longer deny that with every passing second I become even more afraid that she is in fact saying the truth and I have been fooled all this while.

No it cant be!

Scar is not white Lion!

My heart hurt so much. It feels like a hand is squeezing it and stepping on it with intense velocity.

"What is going on?" My mum asks again this time with a harsh whisper. "Who is Scar? Did he ever tell you who he was? Do you know him! His family. What do you know about him! Who is Scar!"

"I don't know mum. I really don't. I have no idea who is." I reply almost crying but I cannot afford to cry neither can I afford to snow weakness especially now that my mum is involved. "I don't know who he is all I do know is that I love him!" I whisper.

Traitor tears fall from my eyes and I immediately clean them off.

"Black ask them to secure the perimeters. They are not to shoot until I ask them to and when I ask them to they are to shoot to kill. They are to shoot without hesitation do you understand me! Ready your amours!"

"Yes Boss." Black nods.

"Now get going! Move!" She yells and Black runs out the door immediately following her orders.

"What do you want. Money?" My mum asks with a tired look on her face. "I have that, A lot. I could give you anything you want. Anything just let my daughter go."

"Shut up and don't make me kill you before time!" She yells at my mum and my mum immediately shudders. She shakes as she recoils and comes to hug me.

I immediately feel anger sip through my veins. How dare she speak to my mum like that! She might not respect her mum but she has to respect mine!

"Don't speak to my mum like that!" I bark.

Sophia immed

with his influence gets to ask around and then finds out that Ken knows girl which is you Mira, I hope you are getting the gist now. Anyway I will continue just in case you haven't gotten it."

"Boy knows what Ken did to you and he wants to exert revenge but boy wants to kill two birds with one stone so he promises Ken a merger with his gang if he can be the devil in your life. You see boy wanted to be the angel in your life so bad and without the devil there can be no angel without the dark there can be no light and since you had only two known darkness, your father who had already fled and Ken who was no more in your life."

"Boy who is white Lion or Scar as you call him chose the better of the two, who was the former and so the game started but Ken lost track of the rules of the game when he started falling in love with you again so boy sets him up and arrests him and then threatens him not to speak again. Lest I forget he was the one who paid your house rent."

"Then when you both quarrelled over him telling you his name, oblivious Aunt Lisa offered her help. So either ways boy gets girls heart and girl falls in love. You see white lion plays the game of love like war. No rules apply to him. To him all is fair in love, he was seeking your love and he was going to get it by all means possible. Talah he got your heart in the end."

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