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   Chapter 81 The truth is coming out

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 4732

Updated: 2019-07-14 11:00

My eyes gently flutters open when the noise In the room became too loud for my mind to shut out.

My head is aching so bad and my eyes drip of water when I open them. My heart lay placid in my chest, I could barely hear it beating.

When my eyes finally open I blink it profusely to clear my vision. Just then my mum rushes to me arms.

My brain started to remember things rather weakly as my head ached with passion.

My mum is here? How? Where am I? Have Scar come to save me? I ask myself.

"Mira." My mum cries throwing her arms around me. She squeezes me into a warm embrace and I choke but I can't tell her to stop.

I understood how worried she must have been after the call so I just let her hug me.

She presses my face in between her hands. "Mira baby... I was so worried for you." Her voice trails of as drops of tears fall down her eyes.

"Where is Scar? I thought he was with you." My mum asks.

I am still unable to say anything even though there were a lot of things to say. My mind was running mad with the thoughts buried in it.

I try to sit up well against the wall and after I do, I try to speak, but before I can open my mouth a voice comes with laughter and a clap which interrupts me from speaking.

It was the woman again, Sophia.

"Wow Wow.. Scar Scar Scar." She chuckles as she walks in. She leans on the wall and watches us like we were a show. Our eyes were fixed on h

it was it sent shivers down the spine of everyone in the room

But Sophia again manages to speak through the shiver. "Of course even a damn fool will not hurt your Reina. I am not Ken I do respect boundaries but who is to say that the same will apply for sweet  Mrs Amelia here."

"Sophia do not wake a sleeping Lion!" White lion says in a singing tone. "It will hunt you, it will find you and it will kill you and your park."

"I will like to see you try." Sophia scoffs. "If you want your Reina and her mother then you have to be here in the next thirty minutes otherwise your Reina will meet all of my men who you brutally murdered Lion. And you had better come alone. The game is mine to play now." Sophia says and Hangs up.

She looks at us and smile afterwards. "So let the game begin. Who wants to play?" She says to us.

I look at her with wide eyes as my heart again stops beating. Nothing was making sense. Nothing at all.

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