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   Chapter 80 Come

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 4740

Updated: 2019-07-10 10:46

"I have your daughter." He tells my mum and she burst into a full blown laughter.

"How did you get past Scar?" She asks amidst laughter. "Don't tell me that this is your new game Mira. Whoever you are please give Mira the phone and tell her that her tea is getting cold and she won't be allowed to make a new one if she comes home late from wherever she went to with Scar!"

My mums voice echoes in the room, a sword that presses through my heart. I heard laughter from the other end, my mum thought it was a joke. At that point tears fell from eyes uncontrollably, the thought of putting my mum in danger was just too painful to bear. I stand there wishing it is all just a joke like she assumes.

Black puts the phone on speaker so I could hear the conversation. I'm still trying to figure out if that is to help me or to taunt me. The latter is more believable. Even with the phone on speaker he still presses it to his ears.

"It is funny how you think that I am joking."

"Young man I am a very busy person and I have no time for games, now if you will excuse me..." She continues her voice trailing off. I knew she was getting ready to hang up.

"You can call me Black." He says finally putting a name to the face. "And Ma.. I'm busy too....Extremely busy... and this is not a game. You want proof?" Black asks smiling at me. He looks at me and I frown my eyes fixed on the door. I was going to find a w

l your mother that you are here!" He growls and I moan out in pain as his hand pulls harder on my hair. "Tell her now!" He growls.

"Mum....." I choke, out but I couldn't get the rest of the words out of my mouth as my body explodes with pain.

"Mira.. Mira!" My mum calls out loud. I could hear clearly how panicky her voice is now, "What are you doing to my daughter! Who are you?"

"You will find out soon. Just come to the address I shall call to you now. When you come you will find out everything you need to know and come alone. Take note that if you disobey any of our instructions your daughter would be dead before you know it..."

"Mum don't come its a trap..." I interject shouting as high as my voice can go amidst the pain that is exploding in my body from being gripped by my hair.

Black angrily pushes me to the wall and my head hits hard on the side. Everything turns black again as my vision blurs and my eyes shut.

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