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   Chapter 79 Again

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My eyes widens in fear and shock and I attempt to squirm away from his presence. How can he ask that of me?

I can feel rage burning slowly into my heart. What did he take me for? A slut?

I think getting angrier.

"Then you can keep the information to yourself! I don't need it!" I spit.

"Believe me when I say that there is nothing you need now more than what I am going to tell you. Nothing! Not even your beloved Scar."

"I have no intention to listen to you anymore my ears hurt from hearing your voice. What do you all want with me anyway? Get it, so we can be done, and end with this torture." I say in almost pleading tone.

"Oh my… You're hilarious, " he chuckles.

"You bastard!" I snap.

With that I sprung to action. I kick him on the groin and made to escape, but before I could even get close to the door he spun around and caught me on the waist pushing me to the wall.

"Try that again and this will be a much more painful get together than you can imagine." he yells, punching my stomach. I moan, falling knees down on the floor. My eyes well up as I try get air to my lungs.

Lord Jesus!

He bends down close to me dragging my hair, so I could face him. "You have to call your mother now Reina, isn't that what he calls you?"

I feel a sickening twist in my stomach. "So, this is a kidnap for ransom right. I should have known you are nothing, but a street tout! Poverty stricken..." He slaps me before I could finish my sentence.

"For starters do not ever speak to me like that...Ever again." He shouts raising my chin, so our eyes could meet. His eyes were a beautiful shade of brown. If he was anyone other than my kidnapper I would have thought him handsome. Maybe even admired him, but he was a criminal, just like Ken, just like white lion.

They are all criminals! I still don't get why I seemed to be surrounded by them. Thanks to JN my life would have been

pay from the little money she had raised from her business.

It hurt me to think how much I had caused her to suffer and how much money she might lose from all this. Granted that I was the reason why she had the money in the first place but I didn't want to be the reason why she lost it. I didn't want to lose it at all.

I immediately started regretting giving him her number. But i knew that my life was worth more to her than all the money in the world.

My mum picked on the first ring.

"Hello, am I speaking to Mrs Amelia?" He says. He presses the phone on his ears and smiles at me, a sickening smile.

"Yes, this is she, how can I help you?" the voice from the other side replies.

I immediately recognize my mums voice, I loved that voice. I want to shout, cry anything but I stay still as my mum's words echoes in my mind.

She didn't sound worried about my absence, he must have thought it was one of those days when I sneaked out of the house with JN. She must have thought that I was with him.

I want to scream but  I controlled myself.

The world isn't for the weak and to survive in it you must be strong. Never break in front of your enemy, never show weakness.

"I do believe we can help each other ma, I have your daughter with me."

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